First Annual Southeast MUnifest in Asheville

Congratulations to Adam Masters in Asheville, North Carolina for a near-perfect first MUnifest. Four of us arrived late Friday night (my son Zach and me, Tim McClain from our staff, and Atlanta Unicycle Club president Reid Jacobson) and joined Adam’s Bluegrass jam session. He’s an excellent fiddle player, and Reid played the bass fiddle like a pro.

We rose early on Saturday, joined 11 other riders and walked a mile up a foggy mountain (did someone say breakdown?) then rode down 4 miles. It was wet and challenging, but fun. Saturday afternoon and evening included a trials demo, where we were joined by the local elementary school unicycle club riders. Some of the trail-riding dads first became interested in unicycling after seeing their kids ride with the club.

On Sunday we hiked 1.5 miles up a mountain, then rode down 7 miles. Today, Monday, my whole body hurts. But it was worth the effort. We all had a blast.

Many thanks to Adam and Nathan Masters, Jeff Ray, Ben Richardson, Bill Spears and all the local riders who helped to put the event together. It was superb.

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sounds great, I’ll try to be there next year.