First 360

after about 2 and a half weeks of riding I did my first 360 today at school of the curb:D :smiley: :sunglasses:

Wow! only 2 and a half weeks and you are 360ing off curbs?! thats pretty cool. At that time i was probably just riding in circles and idling:D

Circles? I don’t think I could even ride that far into it.

it must have taken me a month to ride down the driveway…

yea well i got my first unicyle of ebay for like 15bucks then i just worked my ass off trying to ride it then on the second day i could ride free of everything then i went out to my aunts house and before and after supper i was riding it non stop after i as comfortable riding it i went and picked up a norco muni for like 190$ and yea just rode it like crazy everyday after about 2 days of it i thought i was ready to hop so i got my friend who was riding for a year already to teach me and yea i just worked from there i brought it to school and rode it at lunch for like 3 days just barly eating my lunch and just practising jumping off and spinning then i finally nailed the 360!

But its kinda funny because i was really into hardcore freeride biking and I just saw a video of unicycling (the univers2 trailor) and i was hooked but yea all the guys i biked with think im retarded because im unicycling and it “gay” to them because they think it hurts the balls :thinking: but i find no problem with it as long as im sitting on the seat right.:stuck_out_tongue:

You should watch the Defect trailer then.

I just did like 4 days ago:P now im trying to 180 off a pedal stall on a buss stop bench

yea well i was think about getting something like this later one when i get alot better do you think they come with out those brake brackets??

you are a truly gifted person, i salute thee
i still can’t do a 360 after a year of riding, 180’s though…but haven’t gotten the 360 yet
anyways great work i wish i learned stuff that fast


whoa, I can’t do a 360 after about three years of riding…you’re insane man!! you’ll be really awesome soon…

Dude, that’s really cool

I came to uniing from biking (xc/all mountain, but i love freeride and DH stuff, especially at whistler :P)
After 3 weeks i was 180ing and hopping up curbs, but 360 off? i still can’t do that! after like 9 months of riding!!

keep up the great work

you HAVE TO buy defect at
it’s the sort of “sequel” to universe 2, and is AMAZING
just came out a couple weeks ago, or less! you should get it, it’ll inspire you and you’ll be like pro

where do u live/ride (bike)?


this is two weeks of only practising spinning…
56 hours of practice…

the wonders of too much spare time :smiley:
(which im wasting on here :frowning: )

time to practice 360 for next 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

thats dope. i can only do 360s if the drop to the ground is big. like at least two ft. i dont practice em. anyway but sounds youre doin good man.

im sayin! me 2.

hah thanks well yea im from manitoba theres nothing reall here that big to hit so i have to find my way on small stuff. anyone have any tips on a forward hop or rolling hop cuz im finding difficulty there :astonished:

dude, thats pretty good, it took me 3 weeks to start hopping, i can do a 360 off of a curb, i didnt find it that hard. its just like skateboarding, you through your weight to start rotating and you hop. yeah, im trials now.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

we are like equals, we originated from mountain and freeriding.

good luck, Riley

haha man thanks yea its not that hard but the hardest part for me is riding away