First 36" Ride ... Buy KH or Coker???

First of all … my apologies if this seems a bit redundant with the recent 36’er threads but I am still abit perplexed if not a wee bit wishy-washy in my choices…
At Cotter’s Barn Trials yesterday I got a chance to finally ride a 36’er … it was wonderful hearing the wind whistle through my helmet! Awesome to use an over-used word … but it applies here. I rode a KH 36 with 150’s and A Coker with really, really short cranks … thanks to Dan Hanson. Had a tough time adjusting to the short cranks but his set up is Dan specific.
So … my 51st birthday is coming up in May and my wife says “sure you dork … I’ll get you one, price is not an issue!” … I love that woman!!!
I will ride some off-road, will do drops!.. and smooth paved trails here. Want a handle and brakes. LOVE the KH … but I need more convincing on the Coker.
I have read all the threads on 36’ers on here so I have an understanding of all the differences and such.
Not considering a Nimbus at this point. Want the KH … Would get a Coker. There is a big price difference but hey, we got gold money!!! And have worked our whole lives.
Help me too decide… any more opinions? … pros/cons from your personal point of view.
I redundantly thank you uni-sperts,

I just bought a KH36, but got a good deal on it (<$650 shipped), so that factored into my choice a bit. I probably would have just bit the bullet and bought it full price, had I no other choice.

In your situation, you might think about it this way: If you get the Coker, might you find yourself regretting that you’d not gotten the KH? That’s what I kept thinking about, and I was pretty sure that at some point I’d probably wish I’d just put out the extra cash for the uni I really wanted.

Depending on your weight and style (I have too much of the former, not enough of the latter), the extra strength of the KH might be an important consideration given that you want to muni on it. I was particularly worried about frame stiffness, and thought the KH was the way to go in that area. If you’re small-framed and light, the splined hub and heavy-duty cranks might not be necessary.

Good luck!

pkittle … Thankee … that helps a lot!!
I am very much leaning towards the KH as I am 185 studly old man pounds of meat and bone :smiley: and 6’ tall.

Great to hear that you’ll be joining the ever-growing ranks of 36er riders! I would go with the KH hands down! It is strong, light(er) and has SPLINED cranks hub, which will hold up well for drops and hard use! The Nimbus Nightrider Pro is also splined, so that would be my second choice. The coker is good, but the KH is far superior, imo.

My 2 cents

Some good input from the people who really know what they’re talking about.

The KH 36 is probably not the bargain basement priced 36" but probably the honda accord of the lot. I trust that if problems occur with it you will be covered.

If money was an object I’m sure as a careful shopper you’d be considering the other options like Nimbus, etc.

I’ve had my Nimbus 36 nightrider pro and put almost 1000 km’s on it since last year, and another 800km’s on my 29.

If you have the opportunity, try out the different mounts and go with your gut on what feels most comfortable to you. Name brand be dammed, don’t be a sheep and follow the herd.

Your driving a unicycle and that makes you unique!!!

Thanks Terry … I did really love the feel of the KH and have KH MUni.

Thanks you for the input … BAAAH!
Seriously, I rode the KH and it felt “smooth and fast” … I don’t really go for just a name … I own Schwinns, Sems, Torkers, Nimbus trials and KH MUni so I roam from herd to herd … Baah Ram Ewe.
Price is not an issue here as the investment is nominal anyway for the fun and exercise and soul fulfillment. The Coker was cool, never seen a Nimbus 36 live and in person but I keep thinking about the KH… even though blue is not my first color choice.

You could always give Darren Bedford a call up in Canada. He does a boatload of custom powdercoating on unis or all persuasion. Get yourself a KH36 in orange, or white, or …

If your going to do off road, maybe a geared 29’er would be a better choise.

Maggies seem a bit extreme to me, you can purchase kits to make your 4bolt mount take v-brakes. I never use my maggies at all, they are to strong for me, maybe I just need practice. Brakes this strong just don’t seem needed to me at all.

Well … that is an interesting call. Naaa … gonna stick with a 36’er as I want to be up high!
Thanks WB

36ers are great for offroad as well, different style of riding though.

Also a lot of people say that they don’t like the KH because it isn’t a round crown, but in a similar thread KH himself stated that when he designed the frames he used the geometry of a round crown for the initial curve, then chopped that curve at the best spot to put the crown, thus making it not stick out any more than it needs like on a round crown, but creating a platform for those that want one.

The only downside to this creation is that on the off chance that you do hit your knee, it will be more noticeable than if it were a round crown because there is still an edge.

I think the big difference between the KH’s and the non KH’s is that the KH you have the ability to go Schlumph if you want, but the other frames are all too wide for Schlumph hubs. The downside to this being that if you prefer a super wide hub, giving you a wider stance, you can’t use it in a KH frame.

Thanks for the input ntappin … at this point I have not even considered a Schlumph … but never say never, huh?

If price does not matter why not? They seem awful fun, wish I had the money for one.

Dan was telling me his is crazy fun … I guess I need just one mo’ thang to research and then dream about. they are around $1000 for the Schlumph right? My wife just may pitch a hissy about that. Gotta weasel sack one good at a time.

If price has become an issue- then it is still worth looking at the KH I think, because if you get a Nimbus like me, it is not very compatable with a Schlumpf hub, greatly increasing the setup cost of upgrading to a Schlumpf 36". I rode Peter Bier’s Schlumpf 28" during the Juggling festival last weekend. It was pretty cool but like Tony told me it is not much better than a fixed 36" for high speed, a 36" Schlumpf would be even better!

I am keen to get a Schlumpf 36" but it might be a few years before I do- hopefully there will be improvements as well as price increases before then.

The nice thing about going with the KH 36 is that if you change your mind on wheelsize, the 29er wheels will fit in the frame (unless you want brake mounts).

Also another thing to always consider, especially when buying something you have yet to try, is resale value, something that is quite higher on the KH. For many people the KH is still an upgrade for what they corrently have. Cokers, and Nimbuses, are the standard, and therefore since more people have them, and might still want a KH you are opening yourself up to two markets if you get a KH and later on down the road decide to sell it. If you get a nimbus or coker, you only have one market to look at, the entry level market.

I’m generalising a fair amount, but it is a fair bit to consider when buying a new toy.

I’m with Rowan on the Schlumf though for the time being. I would love one at some point, but I’m afraid I’m going to start to have to do my shopping a bit more realistically over the next few years.

Hey, I really appreciate all the intel on this guys! I am going KH 36 at this point. Whooooo Buddy…

There’s not many of us are hoping for price increases, but then again, we didn’t get the big $$ bonus from AIG.