Fireballs not so hard to obtain

After having bought two off Ebay, this guy in Boston informs me that he has 140 left. ( I pointed him to John Drummond. Thought y’all might want to know before you spend top dollar.


Has anything been set up between them yet? Or is this deal still in the negotiation stages? Any info you have would be great.

  • Sal

I only suggested he call, not sure if he will, or if they will strike a deal. But at least the guy admitted to having a lot of tires. His “buy it now” price on ebay has been $55.


They’re priced pretty damn close to a 24x3 Gazz. It may seem rich for some people’s blood, but the tire is definately worth it. I’m in love with mine.

Great tyre; the subject -entotoe- was addressed HERE.

(which included earlyer referances to yet another post… John and Mike have had ample opertunity to speek)


Re: Fireballs not so hard to obtain

I think it’s , without the w. I bought my fireballs from him, he’s reliable.