Fireball -- You want one?

Alright, for those of you who want a Fireball 24x3" tire (Dylan, have you gotten one yet?), I have a reasonably cheap and reasonably easy solution.

Mine just arrived today, having purchased it on eBay a couple weeks back (I sadly lack anything 24" to put it on… waiting on Darren’s 3" Bedford frames). So, yes, you get them on eBay – that’s the first clue. Secondly they’re from a guy named Mike who lives in Massachusetts (eBay user name: bac2the50s). I called Mike up as I wanted to pay with my credit card and chatted with him for a while – he’s a great guy. One of his first questions was, “are you a unicyclist?” I guess the Fireball is well known in that repect, which is pretty cool.

Apparently he’s talked with a manufacturer in Taiwan who, on his guarentee to buy 500 Fireballs, is shipping them to him in batches of 100 (digression: In this thread [ – Jan. 4th] by rhysling [Christopher], he mentions someone who is doing this exact thing, so I don’t know if we’re referring to the same person or not. Since there wasn’t ever a conclusion to the thread, I’m not sure if Chris lost contact with the guy or what happened). Anyhow, these tires are being sold, one-by-one, on eBay at a starting price of $45 USD with a Buy It Now price of, I believe, $55 USD. Not too terrible for a tire that’s otherwise “impossible” to get. Living in Canada, I was charged $15 USD for shipping. I’m pretty sure it’s about $10 USD if you live in the US. Again, quite tolerable.

If you want to get one from him, I suggest the following eBay search:
Mike seems to put up another tire fairly soon after he sells one (though the current auction says that he only has, “a few left out of 100.” This may mean he would have to call the manufacturer in Taiwan and get them to ship the next batch (I’m not sure; simply speculation).

To get in touch with Mike, his email address is (bac2the50s at aol dot com), or you can call his business (Nostalgia Merchants Inc.) at 1 (877) 731-2453 (BIKE).

A bit on another source mentioned in the newsgroup:
This thread ( has a link to a retailer ( that at one point carried Fireballs. I don’t know if they still have any; I’ve emailed them and will post any response I get. That said, after reading the other posts on Fireballs, it seems they had 5 left in August 2001. I’ll guess they’ve run out of stock between now and then (but I’ll post if anything turns up).

That’s all for now. There are posts coming on my new Roach leg armour, my air-seat conversion and, come February, my new 24" MUni. They’ll all have to wait, though, as I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard.


what did it come to in Monopoly money after all was said and done? customs+exchange, and all that?

Tire: $50 USD
Shipping: $15.75 USD

Conversion on $65.75 USD: $100 CAD
(I don’t know the actual figure as my credit card hasn’t been charged yet)

Customs: $11.47 CAD

Total: $111.47 CAD

So, the same price as a Gazz; worth it in my mind. Others may disagree, I suppose.


Re: Fireball – You want one?

Thanks for the tip. I just bought one. Wanted it bad (so did someone else), so I paid way more than Eli did ($86). Hope the next guy gets it cheaper than I did.

Joe :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Fireball – You want one?

Same Dude; I passed on his contact info to The Source in hopes that they might come to some equitable arrangement- after bringing him up to speed on the hole ‘one-wheel’ thang.

Mike communicates well and provides tracking numbers- but his regional shipper seems in no hurry to deliver; it would be great if John and Amy could start vending them.


Re: Fireball – You want one?

They no longer carry the Fireball – got the email today.


Re: Fireball – You want one?

This dude has another Fireball for sale on ebay right now. No buy it now option. I betcha that he’s figured out that it’s a hot ticket among unicyclists by now. Pretty annoying.

I received mine last night and took it for a spin. Wow! VERY cool ride. Now I need another uni so I don’t have to switch back and forth. Tip: Avoid riding this tire in the snow! :astonished:

Joe Merrill