Fireball Ultimate Wheel videos

Hey all, I put up a few uw vids for your viewing pleasure. I’ll get a couple more up later, but I need to do teh Easter thing right now.

check them out here;

cheers and beers…Mojoe

Very nice. Now I really want an ultimate wheel.


Nice videos, Joe. Beat that thing up! Stairs! Curbs! Rolling hops!?

Thanks, and I’m trying to beat it up, but I think it may be indestuctable. It sure is heavy anyway. I think it weighs as much as my muni.

It’s funny that these things are so hard to ride, yet I can’t stop trying. It’s very addictive.

I don’t know about stair riding on it, but I’m going to keep trying it on rough ground. The Fireball tire is so much more stable on it than the 1.75 tire. It really makes a big difference. I’ve switched the tire back and forth a few times now, and the fat tire is better.


damn, a reason to buy yet ANOTHER fireball.

  It's in my garage waiting. Interesting trades considered:)

Interesting like a reeder handle and two AXO sneakers? :wink: :wink: :wink:

devil’s advocate,
John M

What size AXO’s would those be? :wink:


Not sure… Adam snagged a pair on ebay that ended up being a bit too small for him, but seemed to fit Frank’s son Michael quite well. My “Devil’s Advocate” line was simply a reference to the fact that Frank A. seems to have something that Adam could use, and Adam seems to have some thing(s) that Frank and his family could use, hence a mutually beneficial situation.

Whether that scenario unfolds as I’ve hinted remains to be determined.

devil’s avocate’s explainer,
John M

As the world turns… Well Frank, we’ll have to see how things play themselves out but I think I know where this is heading…