Fireball & the SpaceCruiser, ATTN: AccordNSX

Hey, AccordNSX, I saw a couple of mentions of your Fireball project. The wheels are turning and the balls are rolling on my next project, the SpaceCruiser. We should compare notes on our projects, and I’d love to hear about other specialty projects the rest of you may be working on.

The SpaceCruiser will be a distance machine with plenty of gadgets and comfort accessories. I’ve been toying around for a while with the idea of adding a sound system to a Uni - CD player and compact speakers. Jason mentioned an IPod in his Ultimate Saddle concept and that got me thinking that the idea might be possible.

Its not just about the sound system, though. I plan to make the SpaceCruiser a nice distance machine. I’m still debating whether I want to go with the 29" nanoraptor or try to go Coker. Either way, there are potential problems in design, storage, and personal riding ability.

AccordNSX, you said you want to get your hub/axle painted red on the Fireball - can you do that? What does it take to get chrome parts painted? I want the SpaceCruiser to be completely black, and I would love to be able to get all the components painted. I was thinking about having a wheel built with a black rim and black spokes. I wonder if I could work out something with John Kovachi through to have a solid black wheel built - complete with black hub.

You can get metal parts and chrome parts powdercoated. They have hundreds of colors available, and some colors that are translucent. My current United frame has a translucent red layer over the chrome so it makes the chrome look like red chrome, it’s beautiful. I’ve got some pictures here if you’d like to check them out here, it links to zip file because the photos are high quality.
I’m also in the process of designing a custom seat cover with flames on it, so we’ll see how that goes also.
I’ve got tons and tons and tons of free time for brainstorming so the ideas should continue to flow freely from this wonderful thing I call my mind. Slowly as insanity sinks in from being stuck in my house too long, the ideas will also grow insanely! Maybe I’ll even draft up some prototypes in Adobe if I get really bored.
Keep me posted with your thoughts and ideas!

This is a REALLY bad job on what the bottom half of it might look like.

I’m sure with your imagination you can get a better idea.

Nice pics! Is this the trials uni you are selling for $450?

That’s the trials uni I sold for $450… :slight_smile:
Time to call up