fireball inner tube psi

hi all, i don’t think there’s any thread on this yet.

so , i finally got around to buying a new tread, the fireball, and got a nokian 24" innertube.

along with some new cranks, assembled my new machine (realized my right pedal was busted for some reason, had to buy a pair of used bmx scary for $20).

when i pumped the inner tube, i noticed that the fireball was really a lot bigger than the inner tube, and it seemed to flop around a lot.

what should the psi in the tube be? i rode it around it just stuck to the ground and was really hard to ride.

thanks for the help.

I don’t know what pressure to run exactly, but definitely pump it enough that the tube stretches to fill the tire. Then just adjust by feel.

Re: fireball inner tube psi

Make sure that the inner tube is big enough. If your tire is, say, 24"x2.5", a standard tube (around 1.8-2) just won’t work.

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a tube that fits. Over the last week, I’ve popped four tires, which has exhausted the supply of 24"x2.3" at the four bike shops nearest to me. The last tire I bought was a 3 inch BMX tire, which I had to pay 13$ for!! :frowning:

In that last paragraph, tire=tube.

hm… stretch, eh… that’s definitely a lot higher than where it is now

i’ll give that a shot, thanks.

YEAH, I have one of those Nokian tubes and i freaking HATE IT!!

It’s “2.1 - 3.0” tube that is really thick, but guess what. It is listed as a 24x3.0 tube on the udc, but actually it is a really small tube that is just thick enough to pump up that much and EXPAND to fill a bigger tire. The stupid thing flops around like crazy in my leopard 24x3.0 and my tire folds over all the time when i’m sidehopping now!!! I have to shop around now to find a real 24x3.0 tube to stop this madness. Why UDC couldn’t keep stock of the same 24x3 tube I got OEM in my uni, who knows. But this tube is not cool.