Fireball back in production.

Just off the phone with a supplyer; the guy has treked to Asia and met with the manufacturer and is making his second order of tyres- 500. I’ll phone the source on Monday and give them contact info- maybe they can work a deal. If they aren’t interested, I’ll post contact info here.

Viva Los Fireballs!


Execllent work, good to know I dont have to stretch mine as far as it can possibly go.

i’m amazed that you can get a batch of as few as 500 tyres made at a time,
does that mean that the unit cost will be realy high?

wasn’t their a couple of people pining for a 22" trials tyre?

i was thinking of building a 24" muni for a while, maybee i’ll resurect the idea when i’ve next got cash, and have completed my current unicycle projects,
still need good pedals and cranks on my freestyle and i’m building a 12" folding unicycle for work, not to mention the slackrope unicycle that we’ll be building.

Finally cought up with the Drummonds; we’ll see what happens.