fireball 24 x 3 on a torker lx?

I have a 2004 Torker LX. Can I fit a Dyno Fireball 24 x 3.0 Tire on it? I have a schwinn stingray 2.35 inch tire on it now and there seems to be lots of clearance left but I dont want to buy the fireball unless it will fit.

Even if the frame fit it in, your rim would be way too narrow.

why would you want to put a three inch tire on a freestyle uni anyways?
dont buy it cause it definitly wont fit

I never use the uni for freestyle, just for street riding. i just figureed a fatter tire would give more cousion going over bumps and stuff… probably just have to get another uni with a bigger tire, like a 29er. I needed an excuse to get one anyway… :wink: