'fire unicycling' video


Slightly daft one this. Whilst at a fire juggling session John
Himsworth, who I guess some of you will know, decided to strap some fire
torches to his pedals and ride around with them lit. The inspiration was
from someone at the BUC, I can’t remember his name though.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure (divx encoded, 966KB):




That’s one way to get people to move out your way if your in a hurry. :smiley:

Hello, Other Roger!

That John character is just weird. I’d hate to be related to him or something. shudder

How is the two-wheeler project going?


> That John character is just weird. I’d hate to be related to
> him or something. shudder

I’ve heard it’s a genetic problem.

> How is the two-wheeler project going?

Well… not so well. I got quite good at the Birmingham Circus Convention, but there seem to be no two wheelers available here or in the US at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get one eventually.

Me at the BCC:




Re: ‘fire unicycling’ video

I was speaking to Joe Marshall at BUC11 about this but we were discussing using some fire poi as well.

Cheers, Gary

Yup, got the idea from Joe talking about it. Didn’t try fire poi at the same time, but I’ve done a tiny bit of poi on a unicycle (lie my entire repertoire of tricks. Took about 30 seconds.) so I’ll try that next time. Along with skipping with the new fire rope.

John - Not badly burnt yet…

Ahhhh so ur the other Roger :wink: the one that spent all day doing the 2 wheeler in the unicycling room :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m so glad someones tried it.

Looks pretty cool. I think I might visit the plumbing pipe shop and the juggling shop and make myself up something…

Did you just attach them with gaffer tape?