finished another vid :D

hey everyone,

i finished another video of my buddy robby,more will be coming soon cause im gunna redo everyones part.


p.s. windows media and are needed.

it was ok but…

The editing was ok but the rider was’nt all that great

but good work guys, Alex

even you loser

Even you failure this is not alex this is a little failure (looks like a girl) and rides a uni. you cant hide it even you are loser. and if you have any problem wiht this state ment make like a tree.

I agree with Jellyfish. It was a good movie, but nothing special.
I give it 8/10.

Justin, why would you post your video link here if you can’t take the criticism? You came out and gave your criticism to George Barnes’ Video, and now you are getting made at people and making posts that make no sense calling people losers. if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

The only thing i have to say, is, if you really want everyone to see all your stuff, then fine, but don’t go saying shit about them. who are you to judge what’s good and bad? well, i think that your video isn’t “preferable to my liking”, :smiley: and that’s about all. hopefully this thread will quickly drift to the bottom to never have to be seen by anyone else, but as for now, Shut up, and don’t insult other people.


that isnt me in the video by the way, and i didnt make that post my friend signed on with a fake account and said that (alex), and the guy in the video that i posted is robby and he replied on my account. So why dont u make like a tree and fuk off.


Just so you know I and I guess probably many other people would like you to tell them BEFORE they watch your vid that the music is full of cursing…It kind of offends me and I’m sure if someone was watching it and their little kid walked in they wouldn’t want him hearing the F word.

There are things much worse in this world than an extended vocabulary. You or a child will see and hear far worse on the evning news.

edit: I really cant spell at all

The video is actually quite funny again. You just could wait a bit longer to get more new material. I have seen about half of the footage already on two clips. Just my opinion, but it’s annoying to download big clips and then see not too much new stuff. Even though it’s funny to see people get hurt again and again and again and again. If those are just plain AVI clips you really could get the size down by converting them to DivX or Xvid or something similar.

I actually didn’t like this movie at all.

What i did like was the sweet editing. PLus seeing someone fall down more than half of the time. Which you realize is funny to watch and laugh at but as so far an impressive unicycling goes it is not.

I give it a 3 out of 10. Better luck next time, guys.

thx wonka

im starting to get better at editing, but what u have to takeinto consideration is that robby ( rider in the video) has only been riding for 2 or 3 months.

so for what hes is doin hes not all that bad.

Re: thx wonka

I remembered that Robby has been unicycling just for a while. I thought about mentioning about it but I forgot. He’s about the same level that I am I guess. I’ve rode about 4 months now.

thx joona

thanks you for the props. i realize this update did come quite soon but i will not be updating my part for a while. Not until i have all new fottage maybe after the winter. and i wanted to leave it on good note because my fisrt part kinda sucked. and i would like to thank justin for some aswome editing. I am learning to use adobe 6.5 but he is way better than me. talk to every body later.


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