Finished 8ft Uni

I have built, all myself, this 8ft unicycle for my A level project at school.

If I could have some feedback on what ‘unicyclists’ think of it, how much you would pay for it, your favourite part etc, so I can add it into my coursework.

Breakdown of the unicycle;
8 foot from floor to seat
Gear ratio 22 tooth on wheel 25 tooth on crank
700c wheel
Black Powder coated frame, red stickers
Single chain
Steel frame

Thank you

It came out very professional looking. Good job.
Is that a second sprocket on the wheel?
My concern would be if the tire is wide enough for a rider over 150 lbs.
All and all, from the one picture, it looks very good.

Yes but it is smaller, and I hope to change the unicycle to a dual chain in the future and I will then add the same size cog to the wheel.

The wheel will support that weight, its a 25mm tire. I am 138 lbs and it supports me easily.

Thank you very much for your comment

Can you please post a video of you mounting and riding this masterpiece?

Impressive, very pretty. I’d consider shortening the cranks a bit but that is a personal preference.

It’s a beautiful construction. I would wonder what specifically you hope people will do with it. The narrow tire and largish wheel would make it less than ideal for street or stage performance. If you see it as a cool and unusual distance uni, you’d want shorter cranks.


I like red.

Is there a seat post clamp up there? Looks like a fixed seat height, but you don’t look like you’re done growing so probably not. :slight_smile:

Yes, long cranks and very skinny tire, as Tom pointed out. Usually, giraffes use 20" wheels, but it’s not a rule. That will will be better at rolling over bumps, but harsh due to the very high tire pressure you’ll need to keep your rim off the ground.

Nobody knows how much an 8’ unicycle should cost, since they’ve never been on the market. Yours should be pretty expensive, based on the finer components and obvious attention to detail.

The biggest question about tall giraffe design usually centers around how rigid and strong the frame is. It needs to be rigid, so it doesn’t bow too much under pedal load. Pedal load will make the frame “bow” front to back, which can create a condition where the chain might derail during flexing. Pay attention to that. But it looks like you’re reinforced things around the “bottom bracket” (a bike term not well-suited to giraffes), which tends to be the weakest point.

It looks very good.

The unicycle if off for marking at this time but when i get it back I will get a video and post it :slight_smile: The unicycle is for show rather than stunts there is a seat clamp and so it can be adjusted to different heights. There is a skinny tire but I hope to still ride it a it is. I have looked at the flexing and have hoped to hgave overcome it as you have said. I will not know until I ride it.

Thank you for all your comments; they are very much appreciated

You haven’t ridden it? How can you stand it? :astonished:

I was pleading my case to ride it at school but they would not allow it due to health and safety reasons and I am not allowed to take it home as it is a A level project. I have sat on it once after school but didn’t feel well at the time and felt a bit dizzy, but as soon as it has been marked I can’t wait to get on it and ride it! I hope it will be a real head turner :slight_smile:

:frowning: that sucks you havent ridden it

Bollocks to health and safety reasons.

Was that proper English? I can only speak American.

That thing looks awesome. With some shorter cranks to go with that wheel, it’d be way too cool to cruise around on! I’da been riding it before it was even finished… :smiley: