Finger Joints Are Stiff

Hey I just started riding SIF/unispinning a couple of weeks ago and ever since then when I wake up the next morning my fingers on the hand that I use to hold the seat are really stiff, and it takes about 10 minutes to work them out and then they are fine. There really isn’t pain, sometimes they ache but nothing bad. Has anybody else had this problem? And does it eventually go away when I strengthen the joints/muscles in my hand and fingers?

Yah, quite a lot of people get this, and it goes away after a while.

Next time though, look before you post a thread. Cause you just posted this in the Article and Tutorial section. Also, try the search feature too, cause this subject has been discussed quite a few times.

Just take it easy a little on your hands for a few days and let them heal up.

Alright sweet. Thanks man, yeah this is my first time to post so I am a rookie. Do you know if taping my fingers up or wearing gloves help?