finger damage from trials rides

I’m getting regular finger problems after trials rides – soreness and minor swelling between the knuckle and first joint of several fingers, on the hand I use to grip the seat while hopping. I ride a 26" Pashley, which is fairly heavy and the seat has no real handle.

Anyone else experienced this? Other than rest, ice and ibuprofen, any recommendations on how to avoid the problem? Do I need a lighter uni? Would a KH or equivalent seat with a better handle make much difference? Would beefier gloves help?

Or do I just have wimpy fingers and I need to go into some sort of intensive phalangeal training program … ?

Any advice much appreciated,

I had a similar problem with the old KH handle, which cut into my fingers. The new KH handle is much more ergonomic and didn’t cause me any pain at all. If I were you, I’d get a KH handle for your uni (which might mean buying a whole KH saddle - I don’t know) and I would be surprised if that doesn’t help.

I dont wear gloves, and right now i have a sun 20’ with a stock seat, that doesnt even have a lift handle on it, so my fingers get sore from hopping around on that thing.

I know that the weight wont affect to much on this, cause your not using just the pulling of your arm to get the uni up, and even if thats true then i suggest getting a better hopping technique =p and probably just getting a lift\handle would help tons, i know it helps me a lot when im riding my friends (with the lift handle) then when im riding mine (without the handle)