fine! just tell me already!!

okay i have been to every unicycle page, and no where does it every say how to seat in front hop, i know just put the seat in front, but when! when does the seat go from under me to in front of me?
if you know how to do it just tell me already please
thanks to anyone who responds.

Have you been to this page?

#1 You can ride seat in front and then stop with the pedals horizontal and then hop.
#2 You can hop seat in and then just pull the seat out and hop seat out.

You should search through the fourms. I just did like a 30 second search through the forums and found 3 or 4 threads on hopping seat out.

go to where you want to start hopping, and get into a stillstand, and pull the seat out. then hop.

Come to stop at with crankcs horizontal, go “stand on your toes” which -in combination with a firm and quick pull- will make it easy to get the seat out.
Put your hand under the seat, and pull like… like you want to pull the seat of. (this will keep you tight on the pedals).
Then start hopping.
That’s it.


thank you all so much, for the very much needed advice i defineatly needed it!! i will try it out tommorrow, as it is too dark for the ambulance to find my house when i surely fall :wink: