fine forum - idling suggestions?

This is my first post, though I have read a bunch of what you unicyclists have written and have found a lot of it helpful – thanks.

I’ve been riding uni about 6 months and lovin’ it. To me it seems both hard and easy all at the same time.

My skill set needs work. I spend most time Cokering (on pavement), up to 10 miles, and I really enjoy it.

Any suggestions on LEARNING TO IDLE would be appreciated. I’m finding the backwards direction a big hurdle.


There’s a video tutorial at you may be interested in. It’s in the “Basic Riding” section.

Good luck!

idling on coker

Thanks Andrew for the link to your uni video tips. I just watched the one on idling and I hope it will help.

Question: is IDLING ON A COKER with the large circumference nearly the same as on a smaller wheel, like on your video?

Seems like the larger circumference might require that I travel a greater distance back and forth, moving my whole body as well as my head position, and more slowly.

You’re absolutely right, you will have to move your head back and forth. Still, it’s good to maintain that pendulum motion a little. And yes, you will have to go slower, and yes it is quite different. Almost everyone will tell you idling a coker is much more difficult than a smaller uni.


Re: fine forum - idling suggestions?

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 23:23:42 -0600, “trailguy” wrote:

>This is my first post, though I have read a bunch
>Any suggestions on LEARNING TO IDLE would be appreciated.

How big of a bunch have you been reading? Three days ago there was a
thread with the same question, and quite some suggestions were given.

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