finding groups and trails in my area

Hello my fellow one-wheelers:

I’m looking for a unicycle group somewhere near me…I live in Rockville, Maryland. How should I go about finding one? Also, is there a way to find good muni trails online or something?


Re: finding groups and trails in my area

Generally any trail that a mountain bke would go on is OK, although some of them are a little to much. So you can search the Web, your local bookstore or bke shop for mountain b*ke references.

I remember some dirt roads, that I used (28 years ago) to ride motorcycle on, near Fredrick, MD that would be a start. And there have to be bke trails in there and in your area now - nobody did mountain bkeing back then. :astonished:

I thought it was 4 out of every 2 people . . .

Hi Grant,
There’s a bunch of us down in VA, mostly in Richmond. Trip Glazer (muniracer) goes to American University in DC. There’s also Nick Brazzi (nbrazzi) who lives in Fairfax, VA. Also a bunch of people in PA. Probably not a group you could ride with everyday, but we’d love to set up another muni weekend, maybe in DC.

Best way to find a committed group of unicyclists to ride with is to make one! Teach your friends to ride, then learn from each other. That’s how Hell on Wheel got started. is a good place to find trails, though it looks like there’s only one listed for Maryland. Check their links.

It’s always awesome meeting/riding with other unicyclists in the area. We should definately plan a ride in the near future.


Yeah Frank theres all of us in PA. Also, my family has a house near Ceciltown, MD. I have no clue where Rockville is, But Ceciltown is close to Delaware. I’ll be down there a bit this summer, and I could prolly bring a few unicyclists down. If you want to ride IM or email me. Just make sure you put unicycle in the subject cause I get a lot of spam.