finding a new Muni trail

Not easy to explore new Muni trails.
Some are on Google maps … but some only (and informations are not precise)
Then I use a survey map … but here again not everything is correct (logging in the woods modify trails).

yesterday as I was exploring trails in the french Pyrénées I met two sheperds … well they are supposed to know the trails … except that they could not imagine I could ride anything but fire roads … they stubbornly stuck to their idea of where I was supposed to go :smiley:

How do you discover new Muni trails?

Here in Denmark I look for mountainbike trails. Here there are several. I just think they are too narrow and can’t mount on them.

I looked at Strava segment explorer to see where bikers go in the area. The only problem is to differentiate MTB from road segments, but if you go into rides of some bikers and see descriptions/bike names you can guess which is which.

Hey, I have used quite a bit. The good thing about it is that there is a description of the tracks (and comments from others - very useful I found) and some measure of difficulty. And you can download the gpx files for your GPS device as well.
Otherwise, but harder to filter things out.

PS: I will be in Paris on 31st Oct - PM me if you’d like to go for a muni ride (and if you have a spare wheel, I won’t have one with me…).


great! I have a spare wheel! send me a PM through the french forum
(My handle there is “M.O.U” -for “Mouvement Ondulatoire Unifié” :astonished: -)

back on track: there are vey few trail descriptions for the lower parts of our mountains (foothills where I ride most of the time: that’s why I try to publish on Strava)

You mean you have a bike? :smiley: