Finding a good home...

With the arrival of the Onza trials i think my first uni is going to have to go, it’s a red pashley 20" with cottered cranks, i’m more concerned abot it going to a good home and helping out someone learning to ride who couldn’t afford one otherwise than actually the amount of money i’ll get for it, can anyone think of a good way of doing this, other than just puting it in Trading Post? Does anyone operate or know a club in the Warwickshire area that could benefit from having it? Any ideas or offers would be appreciated.

Take it to a poor neighborhood, find a group of kids, and give it to them.

I think that will see it being chucked in to the nearest river.

RE: Finding a good home

Hey, Im trying to get a club going up here in the
Cleveland Ohio area - is it worth shipping??

Yes. I recently offered an old unicycle to a good home, and one of the responses was along the lines of, “Great, we’ll jump into the river with it.”

If you give something away - especially to someone whom you don’t know - it won’t be valued. If you can be bothered to sell it through the local newspaper (etc.) then you may find a number of people out there who want a unicycle and have no idea where to buy one, so you might get a reasonable price.

Alternatively, you could give it to a local scout group or similar.

Or you could keep it as a spare, for those times when people express a genuine interest and you want to help them to start in the sport.

Same thing happened to me!
I went to the house I grew up in. I decided to give away a large scooter that I cherished to the neighborhood kids. I drove away, and drove back 20 minutes later, and it was right where I had given it to them. It was a nice scooter too - they just needed to air up the tires.

Unizen, i’d let you have it for nothing but the shipping would probably be more than buying a new uni in the states, if you find cheap enough postage or know someone coming over to the UK let me know and i’ll sort out delivery.

Mikefule, local scout group is a good idea, i used to belong so i may well consider that, local paper is my next plan, i really don’t have room to keep it for the future, and i feel bad about it hanging there not being ridden when i know there are people out there wishing they had one to learn to ride. I know I probably wouldn’t have got in to uni if i hadn’t picked it up cheap as my first, now i have 5 hanging in the garage and have had some awesome times riding. I’d rather sell it for a small amount to someone so I know that they’re erious about it, rather than just giving it to someone who might flog it on ebay.

You thought about trying to pass it on to Steve Grainger? I’m sure shooting stars would appreciate the gesture (although they have already got a few unis so it might be lost amongst the crowd :P).


OneWheelDave in Sheffield runs a community unicycling project of some kind; he may well be able to find a home for it. Have a read of their web page and drop him a PM…


I daresay Nuneaton Juggling Club would always be grateful for any suitable unicycle donations. They always seem to have more learners than available unicycles. If you fancy visiting NJC, they meet every Friday 18:30 to 21:00 in St Nichols Churh Hall, behind the library here larger scale. Sessions cost £1.50 for the 2.5 hours, but I daresay they would waive that for you if you are donating some kit.

If you don’t want to visit Nuneaton, and let’s face it, who could blame you, :wink: mail me - (chris at envirokey dot freeserve dot co dot uk) or John Parnell - (john at johnthejuggler dot co dot uk) and we could arrange a pickup. I am based in Rugby and John in Nuneaton.


Foregoing any complications the uni goes to munidobs and the Nuneaton Juggling Club, check your email Chris! :slight_smile: