Finding a covered place to ride...

Just looking for ideas of where to ride when it’s dumping down rain. I know there has to be some place near by that I can practice flatland/hopping stuff out of the rain. Where are you guys riding when it’s raining?

There is a school down the street, but during the day I can’t ride there cuz all the kids are there learning and stuff. :wink:

We don’t really know your neighboorhood so we can’t tell :wink: Maybe you could try going on google street view to find some covered spots. I found some pretty nice stair sets that way.

Otherwise there’s indoor parkings.

Haha. Sucks living here doesnt it? It never stops raining. Even the inside of my garage is wet. Its a terrible story. Im always out of places to ride. The parking garage is a good one though if you have one nearby. Sometimes parks will have a covered area, though it isnt always dry. There are a lot of places in towns with small covered areas, you really only need a a small space to practice in.

usually, if you can find a church with a gym, they will let you inside to practice for little or no cost :slight_smile:

When it rains I either dont ride or go Muni:D Muni is really cool in rainy conditions:p

Indoor parkings are good though, you just have to find a place where there’s no cars and no cameras. I tried to ride in my shed once, but it’s really small and the floor looks like it’s gonna break everytime I hop on it.

Much better than snow and cold temperature for 6 months :slight_smile:

I agree… Would welcome the rain and be done with snow for awhile!!!

I don’t ride when its pouring rain (good time to do wall sits and lunges for the legs). But I have a DMV with a covered portion and I use that to start with dry pedals and feet and from there ride around a wet parking lot. I wouldn’t think It would be hard to find a place to hop.There has to be covered place somewhere. When I used to juggle the local rec center had an entrance that was about 40 x 40 and we would juggle in there, for the light at night and to keep out of the wind for club juggling.

I keep thinking of places for at night because that is when I do most of my riding.

I don’t know how you guys up north can take it… I’d go freaking nuts up there. Right now I’m really jealous of the guys down south (Southern Cal). Everytime I see their ride posts I really wish I was there.

There is a school down the street which is great for weekends and nights, they have a nice big covered basketball court, it stays mostly dry and they have nice bright lights in there. I’m just too tired/lazy by night time during the week, don’t want to go out when it’s dark AND raining :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas.

As someone else who lives in the Pacific “North” West I can identify with the battle against rain. I combat it in a few ways. When commuting I get a good jacket and carry an umbrella if it’s really dumping. As to Trials, street, etc. I’ve tryed underground parking, and those can be okay, honestly I often just ride outside anyways and get wet.

ah! “riding in the rain” (well known song :slight_smile: )
before discovering the joy of Muniing thru bad weather I practised in an abandoned plant: easy … I bought one to build my house :smiley: