Finding a 29er rim in the UK

I’ve started thinking about building a 29er, given I really should get started on this whole 29er lark if I want to avoid walking the Red Bull.

I’m having bother finding a decent rim for it. Searching the forums has given a list of a few contenders, but they all seem to be unavailable in the UK or discontinued ranges; the Sun Rhyno Lite, the Alex Adventurer and the Mavic T217 (I think).

The internet isn’t helping much as very few sites give the width of a rim. Unless I’m missing something fundamental some don’t even say the diameter of the things either, actually; it would be just my luck to go and buy a 26" rim by accident… :roll_eyes:

The local bike shops have found one or two but these have all tended on the narrow side, the widest two being 17 and 18mm inside width, which doesn’t sound like a lot. One of those is even a Gary Fisher dealer but still couldn’t come up with a rim unless I wanted an entire wheel (!?) and they were no wider than the others anyway.

I seem to be surrounded by bike shops who find the concept of a large wheeled unicycle alien and disturbing. Since moving here in September I’ve spoken to one person who didn’t say “ooo, no, we just do bikes” or something similarly dismissive, but I could have been imagining that because I’ve not seen him since…

They seem to be much more popular in the US, I’m surprised you people aren’t falling over them lying in the street all the time. Getting a Rhyno Lite shipped over is an option but surely there must be somewhere to get a decent 29er rim on this side of the Atlantic?

If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it…


Re: Finding a 29er rim in the UK

How could we fall over them if we are lying in the street?

:thinking: have Mavic T261, Sun Rhyno, which are both okay touring rims.

Mavic have decided to call touring rims “asphalt rims” now, the I think the current one you want is called the A319. But I can’t guarantee it because mavic only let bike shop people look at the technical info on their website that tells you how wide the rims are. You can get mavic rims from any bike shop, they might have to order this one though.


Although the link is


Very handy indeed… they’re fairly local too, which is why I now have a Sun Rhyno rim. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a bike shop that is streets ahead of the Yeovil ones, it’s enormous! The front bit looks small and unimpressive, but the whole site through the back door is massive. They have a room larger than the ground floor of my house with nothing but rims in; there must be thousands of the things in there. Crazy…

Right… now for the rest of it.

<goes off to>


Did they know you were a unicyclist, if you didn’t tell them, do next time that you are in the shop. And always ask for Robin.
It is a really cool shop and they have a big “under the counter” section of one off and odd things.



I did indeed; she said she saw some people on unicycles doing the Polaris once. I assumed that would have been you lot… :slight_smile:


I have built a couple of 29" (700C) wheels for Roger using 48 hole Mavic T261 rims, this hub:
and DT-Swiss Tripple butted spokes.

p.s. spokes & rims supplied by

My next question was going to be about spokes. The wheels I have just used whatever came with them, but this one will need me to get the spokes separately.

Other than getting the length right I know very little about the choice of spokes, so are there any in this lot at that stand out? What kind of spoke thickness / butted-ness would work best for a wheel like this?

Ta muchly!


Lots of good info here:

Go for the double butted DT spokes, I think what you want is 13g to 15 guage… but ask Robin what he supplied us last and get them, they are fantastic. They are not cheap but really worth it. If they don’t have them in, they will get them in for you. The length comes out pretty close on our spoke calculator, remember it is 4 cross for 48 spoke.



This is the type of spoke Robin supplied Roger with (I know because he delivered it to me to build the wheels & I have measured it & seen the box it came in.)

I think this must be the spoke Robin describes as:
13 / 16 / 14g DT triple butted Alpine III stainless spoke and 12mm brass nipple.

I am not convinced about the gauge sizes here, Park Tool’s web site says:
“In the … and the bicycle industry, the gauge system is Washburn & Moen Company”

This table of wire gauge sizes:
shows that the spoke discussed above is better described as:
13 / 15 / 14g

I keep measuring spokes & finding they are all sorts of different sizes & none of them fit with any table of wire gauge sizes that I can find so perhaps it would be better to drop the gauge sizes & refer the actual spoke diameters. Comments welcome.


Thanks, I feel less like a spoke-purchasing rabbit in headlights now.

This one will be 36 spoke. Weight saving efficiency, or asking for a bent wheel? Time will tell… :roll_eyes:


I’ve been using DT double-butted 14/15 gauge with good success on both types of hub for the 29er wheel.

by the way, if you need to find the e.r.d. of your rim look at