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I’m looking for a unicycle that can take some hard hits and lots of them. I understand the Onza and KH are pretty much equals, but what about Yunis? And I know almost nothing of Qu-ax. The forum seach turned a bunch of “I love my KH soemthing or other.” So any help would be appreciated.

Nimbus 24" frame $42.00
Profile wheelset $497.00
GB4 Seat Post $22.00
Torker LX Saddle $40.00
Kris Holm Saddle $48.00
GB4 Stiffener Plate $10.00
Leather Seat Cover $49.00
Kinport front handle $19.00
Primo Super Tenderizer $23.00
3 key Seat Post Clamp $9.00 (with shipping from Bedford only)

Total $759.00

Something like that. :slight_smile:
(Use the foam from the KH seat, and the GB4 frame inside the Leather seat cover to create a less-expensive bombproof seat which can be repaired - at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it).

What’s so special about the Nimbus frame? And is there a slightly less expensive wheelset?

What’s so special about the Nimbus frame?

  1. It is wider - as wide as the KH frame - to allow room for when mud to sticks to the tire
  2. It has plugs at the top of each tube - which allow access to the inside of the tubes if you’d like to wire a cyclometer through the frame.
  3. It is shorter than other common frames - which allows you to put your feet up on the frame a bit more easily.
  4. It is chromed - rumor has it that chrome will hold up (wear) better than the powder coating.

Generally, all frames are created equal. I just found that the Nimbus frame had a different geometry that seems more useful and it is less expensive than most other frames. The extra width can make your leg come in contact with the side of the frame more often, but even that “weakeness” can give a feeling of security under the right circumstances. The next frame I’d recommend is the KH - for similar reasons, but then you will probably have to pay 5 TIMES AS MUCH more: $210.00 Of course I am also assuming that you don’t need a brake system. (If you need brakes, I would guess the Bedford frame would be the least expensive).

And is there a slightly less expensive wheelset?
No. The Profile Hub and Crankset comes with a lifetime warranty. So, as you start to ride more like Atkins, you don’t have to worry about racking up crank replacement costs. Your query included the specification that you wanted “a unicycle that can take some hard hits and lots of them.” I assumed that meant drops rather than lateral abuse.
I have seen KH wheelsets where the cranks bend inward towards the wheel, or bend in such a way that each one seems to have a “unique ride.” The Profile Cranks system also matches the Nimbus frame because they slope outwards a bit - so that you don’t end up with your heel pedaling the crank as often.
Also, the Profile system allows you to have various crank lengths (if you like). I found little or no benefit for running 145mm - so I sent them back and stuck with the 170s, but if I was running a 20" wheel, I would definately go with the 145mm cranks (the shortest Profile makes).
Finally, the Profile set is surprisingly light. Rumored to be “heavy,” I found the opposite to be true; weigh it and compare it to your buddies wheelsets.

The ALEX DX32 rim is what most are riding. It is the best rim I have every used - and to date I have NOT needed to true the wheel for the 3-400 miles I have used it. I am 6’5" and 235-250 with gear on, and the wheelset has been flawless. I’d recommend that you save money by skipping on the Gazz. Other tires can be better under various situations.

Considering the workmanship, warranty, and ruggedness there is no cheaper wheelset.

Good to know. The reason i questioned the Nimbus was that I had heard that they were kind of second rate unicycles. Not terrible, just not as good as the KH or so.

My suggestion was for the frame only, but. . . .

I have been impressed with the Nimbus - which is one reason why I chose to swap my frame for a Nimbus frame.
If you view trials like I do, it’s basically hopping UP onto things. For that, the Nimbus works great (even for me at my weight).
For some reason (that I have not figured out) I can hop higher on a Nimbus 24" or 20" than any other unicycle (including my own).
My friend told me that he had problems yesterday keeping one of the crank arms (on his 20") tight though, whatever the problem, it put him in the mood to sell it.

Well, there is a cheaper wheelset, but it doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty. If you don’t do HUGE stuff, like 10+ ft. drops, the KH wheelset will hold up for a looong time. I’ve gone off of five footers with it, and I think Kevin McMullin has done close to 10 footers with it.
If you can’t spend very much, then you can get the KH. But if you have a bunch o’ cash, then go with the Profiles.

I was thinking about getting the KH20. His site says it’s a good trials and kids muni. If it’ll hold up on the only-off-road-because-they-aren’t-paved trails around my area I think it’d be a good bet. said they price things by value so I assumed the KH20 was a bit more durable than the Nimbus.

Don’t get a Yuni unicycle. the cranks will not be able to hold up- i broke 5 cranks over 3 months on SMALL hops/drops/etc. before i finally got a profile/gazz/dx32 wheelset. if you get the profile wheel, the Yuni is a great deal. if you don’t want to spend 600 dollars on a unicycle, get a KH. they’re great.

Re: Find a good one

“PopeSamXVI” <> writes:

> is there a slightly less expensive wheelset?

KH wheelsets are available in 20" and 24" for half the price of those
with profile hubs. They are tough, but you are limited to 170 and
140mm crank lengths. To compete with the quality of the build of
Profile hub wheelset, you’ll also have to spend $10-$20 to have the
wheel tensioned and trued.


So the general concensus seems to be “If you can’t afford a custum unicycle with the profile wheelset, the KH would be next best.”

Is that right?

Yep, that sounds right.

Then I’m 180 bucks away. does have them yet, or am I still waiting until June 20th?