A Skinny worth riding :astonished:


justonewheel 013.jpg


justonewheel 014.jpg


corrr i would so ride that =]

Hey Adam, what the …?!?

Why aren’t you riding that on your Coker?

Disappointed… :angry:

I wanna ride it. :frowning:

wow wu we wow!

I wish I could build up some trials stuff. ID have something just like that in my backyard. =p

The Coker was in the pool! It was in the pooool!

Hey Steve,

Don’t worry, I am still and always will be the Coker-Nut.

I’m using trials as cross training :astonished: It’s like you reaching for your 24" instead of your 29" or 36".

I love bouncing around on the 20". After mastering the Coker, riding a 20" is like riding a kids toy.

By the way, how’s the 24" rollin?

I use all these new trials features for the parties and training we do!

Monster MUni (Coker MUni) my preferred style of riding!



By the way, I will be riding the “Twisted Skinny” on my Coker this weekend.
I completed the build last night and want to play with it on the 20" first.

The photo below would be something that would intrest you on your new KH 24" :astonished:


justonewheel 008.jpg

Oooo I wanna come and play at your house.

Just give a buzz when your in town, everyone else does 516-702-9807.


Adam, expect a call soon;)
Next time I head to the city Im gonna have to add a day to my schedual to come play.

why dont you. I mean unless you dont have room im sure its not hard to make it. All you need is some wood, nails, and measuring tape. Ive nevedr mdae one but im sure its not hard

Come on down!