Finally, Tramm can freemount!

Yay Tramm! Way to go! Give yourself a big pat on the back! This is a major
milestone for the novice unicyclist.

I still remember the feeling I got when I did this the first time (not so long
ago…) For me was a sensation of sheer electic joy coursing up my spine,
raising every hair on my body. My fists clenched and my arms shot straight up
over my head. I shouted something stupid like “YES!” or "YEE-HAA!! just to keep
from bursting.

At that point I felt that all the hours of practice and all the failed attempts
were worth it, if only to feel what I had just experienced. I was alone when it
happened, and I think I preferred it that way. It was just too special to share
at the time.

That’s when I started calling myself a unicyclist. To me it meant I could start
riding just about anywhere I wanted to, not needing light poles, parked cars or
curbs to hold onto.

I got it again when I learned to idle, to double idle, to ride backwards,
one-footed idle, when I learned to hop, etc. That’s what I love about
unicycling, there’s always a next step, a new chance to get that natural high
that results from focused effort over time. Not to mention the growing
repertoire of skills you can enjoy and use to give enjoyment to others.

You said you were surprised at how easy it was. I think Paul Makepeace said
“don’t try to analyze too much, just let your motor neurons sort it all out” and
I believe that. I have a theory that it doesn’t do any good to try learning a
new skill too soon or too fast, because if your body isn’t ready it just won’t
happen. When your body IS ready, it just sort of happens.

Dennis Kathrens