FINALLY - The 180 Unispin Tutorial is Out 😛

Hey everyone!
I finally made the 180 unispin tutorial, it’s been high on people’s recommendations for a while. Decided to go in-depth with this one and break down the techniques and common problems a little further than most tutorials (A little more content to sift through, but hoping it provides more value).

Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully someone can get value out of this :grin:


I spend so much time learning 180s, until finally someone told me that I don’t need to perfectly aim for the pedals. Pretty much as soon as I went for landing on the cranks, I learned them.

Really good in depth tutorial, I don’t think there are any more tips I could add. I like how you mention that hand position is mostly personal preference, I’ve seen quite a few people obsess over it, but on 180s it really isn’t what is holding them back.


Once my driveway is no longer a sheet of ice I’m gonna put this tutorial to use! I built up a nice 20” and a day or two later winter decided to appear so I haven’t had that uni out for a while.

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Glad to hear you liked the tutorial. Yeah, I find a lot of people get fixed on “doing it right” but I think you can polish it all up overtime, the goal should be just to land the spin and then clean things up - which is why I’m a big believer on the crank landings when starting off. Making more small incremental gains I think is overall beneficial for suuuure.

I also see a lot of people (even big time riders like Eli Brill) claim a certain hand position is the “best” but really it does come down to personal preference. There’s guys like myself and Lorenz Poham who have wide hand positions and can throw 900’s and big spins pretty easily, so I think it is really all preference. Everybody’s bodys are made differently and move in certain ways.

Thanks for the feedback as always finnspin. I was hoping someone would notice this. I was honestly thinking I get an odd backlash for not specifying a certain way of doing things - so this is really nice to hear :sweat_smile:


Yeeeah the winter really is unfortunate :confused: I wished there was less snow and less cold for riding too. I hope you land it when you do go out!