Finally, Spring


While Vancouver is rideable year-round, it’s so fantastic when warmer weather and daylight savings time finally arrive!

Just thought I’d share a sunset picture from an evening of beach trials last week- not a hardcore shot, just a beautiful evening.


Re: Finally, Spring

Crap, Crap, Crap!! I didn’t mean to attach that picture!

That, for those of you that are confused right now, is a photo of cool action figure that Gary Kanuch made from an assortment of other action figures. Here’s the picture I meant:


Both pictures are pretty awesome. I was hoping you accidently revealed some top-secret KH merchandise to be released in the near future. There is definately a striking resemblance…

That’s ok, both pics were good, one for a chuckle, one for serenity

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I was looking at that thinking that you had a very odd sense of humor.

Very nice picture indeed !

The finger unicycle and rider is cool too.

Thanks for sharing,

…somebody had to .

Okay, I’ll be the first to ask:

Where can I get one of those action figures of a unicyclist riding on a piece of doo-doo?

Seriously, I think there would be a (small) market for that if Gary’s interested.

The sunset picture is real nice. I wish I had an expert photographer I could bring along with me on my rides… :smiley:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my sudden, un-stifle-able burst of laughter sitting in from of my laptop, in an otherwise silent classroom


It couldn’t have worked out better though, as the real pic loaded before the ‘crap crap crap’ pic…so I was quite curious to see what it could be.

Spring, finally (?)

Well, it may be spring at 49 N on the west coast, but we’ve got a ways to go at 49 N in the east…this was taken on Wednesday at Marble Mtn ski hill (only about 200 m ASL, so it’s not an altitude thing).
Maybe sometime in June??


Both pics were great. It’s a good thing MY class hadn’t started yet, my teacher knows he’s not that funny.


Fantastic picture, I’ll think I’ll use it as my desktop background.

great pictures

Yea, thanks Kris…i’ve got new wallpaper on my computer now. I’ll have to admit, i was torn for a minute between the “crap crap crap” version and the sunset…just kidding!

Wish i had a picture of the expression on my face when the first photo loaded, though…

Great pic

is it just me or will krism holm be forever remember as the little plastic man with poo on his tyre?
no its probably just me isnt it?

ahh i’m not the only one who spends IT lessons surfing the forums! :stuck_out_tongue:

I went for a muni ride yesterday and saw a little patch of wild flowers. Ah, Spring.

Soon it will be time to plan a wild flower muni ride.

You guys can use laptops in the class room?? you must be in college, because the only people at my highschool who are allowed to use laptops are learning disabled students

Re: Re: Finally, Spring

Thanks for the laugh, it really made my day. :smiley:
Awesome picture, though. I agree, the first warm day is the best day of the year. Except for all the other days just like it.

Or of course they could be learning disabled students. With my level of dyslexia if I were at school today ( rather than 20 years ago) I would probadly be using a laptop in the class room too.

I’m sure my teachers would have liked to be able to read what I was writing.