finally, some time off!

We were informed Saturday that we would be cutting back to 6 ten hour days
until further notice. Finally, some time off!

Friday we had a cold snap (-10 degF, 35-40mph wind from NW) and the
construction site where I am working was closed down at noon. I collected my
uni and gym clothes and hotfooted it to the local YMCA here in Columbus
Nebraska. I met with the director and he was willing to let me unicycle in
their epoxy-sealed concrete-floored multi-purpose gym since it was
"absolutely dead today" and they regularly hold rollerblade hockey games in
there. He also knew of the Wohler and Wilbur families who live here and are
USA members. He was surprised to hear we belong to the same (unicycling)

I went back Sunday (today) for a second session. I was encouraged by the
thread about learning to wheel walk one footed as an intermediate step to
gliding, so I tried it with one hand on the wall. After a few warm-up
attempts, I actually made it a couple of wheel revs before falling off!

Could we have some discussion on transitioning from two footed riding to one
footed wheel walking? Today I first put my right foot on the tire, then
moved it to the frame after the left foot touched the tire. This of , on the
frame or on the tire?

I had another thought too. Has anyone tried riding seat in front with a
small child or dog or a sack of groceries on the seat?

Dennis Kathrens