Finally some photo's

Ok i am kinda happy, these are the first photo’s of me unicycling ever.

It was wet, windy and miserable but i got some ok shots between the water drops. Hopeing to gets some better ones and make a movie once school is over.

nice. haha your nimbus is gonna die really quick!

finally some feedback. lol yeah its pretty much busted anyway. I am not willing to take it any higher then those drops at the moment becaue the cranks and hub are allready bent beyond recognition. Saving for a new one is just so damn hard though…

hey cool you look jamacin (sp?)

and no offense

wow, your seriously about to kill your uni!

i bent one of those hubs on a 5ft drop, im fairly light though.

It is already dead to me.

jamacian? lol umm thankyou… you should have seen my hair before it was done. afro much?

Anyone have tips on taking photo’s in the future, out of about 40 taken these were the only good ones.

get a good photographer and a good camera!


get a better girlfriend


ummmm, i dunno, def dont take pictures that are side on, i HATE tilting my head for it.

lol she would love that comment, she thinks i am doing homework right now.

Yeah i know the side on ones are a little irksome but she is like right into photography and all that awards winning stuff and apartly it is more appealing to be taken like that. She got right into it, the photo’s are good but they dont actually show much unicycling…

Camera angles.

What you usually want is to make the thing that you’re dong look eXXXtreme (TO THE MAAAAAAAX)

The easiest way to get this effect is to take the shot from really low.


Terribly sketchy no footer from a fairly high angle. Looks pretty bad, correct?

As opposed to this one, which looks pretty freakin’ sweet. Taken from really low, to make it look eXXXtreme (TO THE MAAAAX!!) - heh… check the facial expression =D

And some more…

High angle, you can see that I only had this tiny little block around.

This one looks like I’m standing on a big stump.

Yes. Basically, think about the trick from the camera’s point of view. From the right angle you can make a little 3 set look much bigger than it is.

I have no doubts that your girlfriend is a good photographer, just tell her what to do =D

Hope this helped, because you have no idea how hard it is to take photos of yourself while you’re unicycling.


Random peice of useless information:

Only Australians have replied to this thread. (And one Tasmanian who can be an honourary Australian ^.^)


some photo guidelines that I try to follow.

There are sooooo may ways to take nice looking photos. I’d say that lighting is really the key to anything. Try to take photos with the sun at the photographers back so the subject is well lit. If it’s a rainy day, generally you’re not going to get great pictures because the camera must either a)reduce quality to keep a higher shutter speed or b)decrease the shutter speed which makes things blurry. Basically, if the camera has manual settings, try using those. If it doesn’t and it has presets like aperture priority (usually Av) or shutter speed priority (Tv), try using shutter speed to get less blurred shots. Also, action is really important (example - can be a crash :slight_smile: example 2). Sometimes shots of still standing and before you’re about to make a move/drop can come out nice, but generally shots of you making the action will turn out more interesting. This takes time and skill and knowing your camera well to time the shot for exactly when you want it.

I’m by no means a great photographer, but check out my gallery to see some more examples of what I’m talking about.

Color is also pretty important… (example)

Angle is also important. Basically (as with video), try not to shoot from head height. If you’re on a hill or something, sometimes shooting from head height is the best, but generally try to change it up. (example - I was laying on the ground for this one).

It’s common at first to only get a few good photos out of a bunch. The longer you do it, the more decent shots you get.

(sorry, my website is slow… soon to be

To sum things up, try to include the following…

  1. fast shutter speed (at least 1/250 if not 1/300) - if camera is adjustable
  2. lighting
  3. color
  4. angle
  5. low aperture (wide open) to create background blurriness - if adjustable
  6. action

hey fairly nice pictures:)

sweet. I really should start using those things. but using apostrophe’s is so hard… Im going to go eat some taco’s:D

Thanks Ed, now just to get as good as you :wink:
Bring on the holidays