Finally riding again

I got my cast off today (I broke my right scaphoid, in the wrist, in the beginning of May) and went out on a shortish ride on my 29er. I got to acclimate to riding with my new camelbak MULE for three miles, about half on long hills. No violent UPDs, just two dismounts from exhaustion from going uphill, and one dismount to get better seat and pedal position. I can finally enjoy that flying feeling again!


But errr… you stoped riding from a broken wrist?

I still fall onto my hands sometimes, so riding like that would have been a terrible idea (break it more!).

Did you have a screw put into your scaphoid? Depending where the fracture is in the bone it can be problematic to heal due to decreased blood flow. There are special screws that work well.

Good luck,