FINALLY one footing isn't so far off

Or whatever you call it.
Just got in from from a short ride (about 45 minutes), which was purely to try new things. Still trying to ride backwards(reverse as I like to call it), not doing too bad at times. And tried riding along with one foot dangling beside me, been getting about 10 to 15 rotations so far of the cranks. Feels awesome.
I’m doing it on my MUni, would it be easier to learn on my 20" ?
and I’m holding the seat, is that advisable?

     Darn to work, if only I had me a money tree

Also, is puting my foot on the frame part of the progression of riding with one foot? or is it supposed to be totally different?

i found that you it was best if i did what i could to stay on (holding the seat and flailing whatever i could) at first. then as you prgress it just comes naturally. you should try wedging your foot on the frame pretty soon, itll feel wierd to satrt with but you’ll get used to it and it makes it so much easier(more under control

anyways goodluck and fairwell


I personally like to hold my arms out for balance and use them for a bit of momentum. You can do anything that works, though.
But you have to have your foot on the frame. At first, anyway. It helps a lot.

hmm sounds good, thanks
just that my frame is , from what I think, too high to rest my foot on it.
Maybe a pipe clamp would do the job.

i’m still stuck on exactly one revolution and that was by accident
it will come
i am sure

i’ve allways understood one foot extended to be the more difficult skill and to develop from one foot on frame
i can idle one foot on frame but cannot idle one foot extended (yet)

Putting the foot on the frame is the ‘basic’ skill and riding with the foot extended is meant to be more difficult. I also find one foot extended easier than on the frame when riding my muni. On the 20" it’s much easier on the frame. If you end up trying your pipe clamp idea, please tell us how successful it is.


I’ve been using 2 hose clamps on my 20" uni and my son has one
on his 16" uni. We’ve been 1-footing for more than an year with this setup. I find it much more convenient than resting my other foot against the sloped crown (far better grip).

Personally, I find 1-foot idling with one leg extended more difficult than 1-foot idling with one foot resting on the crown.



yeah I just went for a quick ride before the rains, and am still at about the same point.
It’s alot of fun so far, can’t wait till I can go around the block like that. And the pipe clamp I was talking about, that I have, isn’t going to work, so I’m going to use a hose clamp or so like bbraf
mentioned. My pipe clamp is just a bit thicker so I though it would have been better.
will be done today, now just to see how it works out

Added two hose clamps to the frame today, one about two inches under the other. And I don’t think its gonna happen, as in I don’t think the one footing with my left foot on the frame will come as easily as with it flailing to the side.
Not to be discouraged though, tomorrows saturday and that means lots of practise time with the foot on and off the frame.

anyone else learning to one foot right now? hows the progress?

crap. double posted

closest i have been to one footing was last night.

I Hopped on and did about three one footed idles and then i pushed down hard and went forward about three rotations forward before falling off. Of course, this was in a dream last night so it hardly counts.

well thats a start there XWonka.
Today I only got in about 20 minutes riding, but I managed to
get about 20 rotations (counted by a friend) down a gravel road. I’m beginning to control my turns too, and I have also been getting my foot back onto the pedal fairly easily now.
Itsa coming I can feel it

  Idling with one foot is far for me, I can't idle for much more then a few second now.