Finally my video is made!

Hey, I kno this has taken me a while but I have finally made my video and uploaded it to my gallery so enjoy!:smiley:

dling now!

that was uhhh…short! its was ok…i thought you had a kh 20? oh well…keep em coming!


nah just a juggle art one but i changed the tyre to a maxxis maxdaddy :sunglasses:


only if it was a little longer.

thats a good second WW,… i looked at ur avar and saw a guy doing a huge jump and i thaugh it was you befor i saw the movie…

Not quite Irvinegr thats joe dyson;)

hey trials uni, can you stop saying “dling it now” in every video thread?

good on ya brownboy!

i know you can do more than that :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the next vid!


unijess i just, do that so everyone knos im dling the movie at that aprticualer moment…its a free forum and im not obstructing anyones views or opinions, nor am i making rude comments or jokes. so i dont see what the big deal is with me (every so kindly) saying that im downloading the movia and that i will report back when its done. you kno its not just me who does that!