Finally landed one

Just landed a treyflip pretty sketchy but it was my first one.

For the future this should have been posted in the Today I… thread.

Nice job though.

Pretty cool, you record every tre attempt or something?

No i got really close to one so i turned on my camera so my friend would believe i landed one

Geez. I don’t know that I would be doing that so close to my TV.

lol yeah i was a little nervous but i really wanted to land it.

If i would of hit that tv i wouldnt be here right now

Nice. But what the hell? More inside riding lol

In other words, it’s not his TV. :slight_smile:

Oh, joy.

The youth of today is just so responsible. :p;)

Well it was dark outside and i wanted to land a treyflip thats why i did it in my house

who’s your friend??? :roll_eyes:


Oh really. :thinking: :roll_eyes:

I wish I could unicycle in my house.