Finally I too made a local paper :-D

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had a picture (actually 3) of me doing a 5 foot drop (yes its an honest 5 feet… I think it looks smaller in the pix) I scanned it and put it in the Gallery for everyone who is interested





Wow, very sweet pic, you rock Checkernuts!!!:smiley:


I’m glad you approve, and without even a good pix of my quads. Now I really feel special Erin. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice shot, Chex. Where’s your MUni Militia T-shirt? Is there an article that accompanies the photos that you could scan in also?

Nice Roach pads. :slight_smile:

But now I’ve got a strange picture in my head of someone doing a 5 foot drop on a Mattel big wheel tricycle.

That last pic is neat from the wheel building / tire pressure point of view.

Sa… Wheat Chex!

Nice ! that tire does really compress in that last picture. How many pictures did they actually take?

lets try this again… (due to some technical difficulties the first try didnt work so well)

They only put the pix, no article. I have something to shoot for next time now.

As far as tire pressure I just upped my pressure big time. Im at arround 33psi when I was running like 27 before. I think the last pix shows I need to bend more at the waist durring my drops to avoid doing damage to my wheel. I did roll out and doing a 5 footer to the flat might not be too good on its own.

On the other side of the argument, my friends on their bikes run really low tire pressure for grip on the rear wheel of their bikes and do bottom out on occasion but this doesnt really bother them too much even when doing 8-9+ foot drops to the rear tire so it might not be as big of an issue and I think it is.

Heidi took about 30 pix is my guess both of me doing stuff and of my Trials Friends Jason McLean and Jeremy Holdorf. Jason and Jeremy founded Iron City trials, this being pix of the first ride. I really wish they put something in the caption about that… oh well.

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Very nice!