Finally I own a 36er!

As my time in the UK could be nearing a close I decided to spend the last few months riding a Unicycle I’ve always wanted to get.

Finally after years of riding I get to own a 36er, if only briefly! Decided on the QU-AX

Swapped the seat for the freeride and also changed the pedals.

Happy Happy

Good news indeed!

What are you going to do with it when you up sticks?

It will stay in the UK and will most likely (if he still wants it) start a new home with Craig.

It got delivered to my mums house today and I get to give it a test ride tomorrow when I travel down to drop some stuff from the house off.

So, running away to the other side of the world to avoid next year’s 24-hour races eh? :wink:

Anyway, enjoy the Qu-Ax - looks like a good, less expensive, alternative to an airfoil wheel. And good luck in Oz if that’s where you’re going.


Absolutely fabulous!

My weekends are a bit quieter in September if you’re free for a ride some time.

I give it a week before you break it trying a 2 foot drop-off.

And belated congrats on the 24-hour ride btw.


For some reason there is no one to sell us a qu ax 36 here in post patriot blighty. No idea why, UDC carried smaller Qu ax’s. Anyway, I’m sure you will be very impressed at how fun the 36 is, so different from other wheels. If I had the cash to be crazy, I would make a 42 + uni. For flat country like Florida, open spaces, a 36 is still on the small side of what should be.:slight_smile: A geared uni is costly, complex, and low to the ground. I like riding high !:slight_smile:

Cathy my new Uni is currently 200 miles away at my mums where we will be staying for a few months. However we will both my up North again so I’d love to do a 36er ride if you like? I’ll need some practice first!

Sean it feels very high up there without adding another 2ft into the equation!

Cheers Rob I’m looking forward to a few months with the bigger wheel.


So a quick 4 hour drive down to my parents this weekend to drop off some stuff gave me about an hour to get the Quax unpacked and built. Scary moment when we nearly didn’t have a hacksaw to cut the seat post down!


Tell us about the rim. Is it airfoil-strength?

Hey, it’s looking good.

First comment though… is there a single work bench in England without a travel sweet tin full of old screws next to it?

Second comment, with that many spokes in it, the rim itself wouldn’t have to be anywhere as near as strong as the Airfoil rim… but it would want to be a lot lighter!


Apologies for the thread-jack, but my old man has some sort of monopoly when it comes to this. His garage has jam jars where the lids are screwed to undersides of shelves, so all he has to do is twist off the glass part, and hey presto, instant access to screws.
He’s got about thirty different jars for different sized screws.

Back on topic, I remember trying Semach’s Coker when he passed through Swansea a few few months ago.
I couldn’t even get on it with the aid of a railing to lean lean on.

Have fun!

Welcome to the world of 36’er speed my friend. I hope you enjoy the new ride.