Finally! I hurt myself unicycling with the 89mm cranks!

After a full weekend of injuries at the Belle Isle meetup, none of which were incurred while actually on a uni (all from falling over trials objects while walking or getting hit by other unicyclists, or from carrying a bookcase down stairs on a break from a ride) I finally crashed while riding today!
those 89mm cranks I got yesterday really don’t help your stopping distance!
I am VERY glad I was wearing wristguards–they saved me from any serious injury.

Glad I could help!

Oh, and I fell out of bed last night and hit my head on my bedside table. Badly.
That was actually the worst of the injuries over the weekend…
Almost forgot about that one!


Do you want to explain what happend in more detail?

Well, basically, I woke up with the big headache and an egg on the side of my head, and…
you mean the knee?

I was going really fast with the short cranks–faster than I can run out, and I UPDed at the beginning of a slight incline, and skidded a few feet on the pavement. Very little control with those cranks–hard to slow down, and hard to turn.
Also didn’t make a high-speed turn earlier in the day and ended up hitting a trashcan.

Here is the important question…were the 89s fun before falling though?

Oh yeah!
Very fun.
Just not at all practical.
They’d probably be fine if I didn’t live in the Blue Ridge mountains.
Maybe still if I had a brake. Right now I can’t stop from accelerating on downhills, and it takes me almost a block to slow down to a stop from going fast.
At the very least, I need a handle on the seat on which to pull for some more torque.

My coker has had 89’s ever since I bent my 125’s. So unpractical, so sweet…

I rode the LBI unithon (19 miles) on a 26’’ with 89mm cranks, and by the end (something like 25,000 pedal revolutions) I couldn’t walk for 20 minutes.

Is that because of the short cranks or saddle soreness? I just rode 10 miles yesterday with very very little soreness at the end on a 29er. It is different though because I was on a 29er, 125 cranks, and for only 10 miles.

Actually, it says “dams”, not “damn.”
Research projects are more interesting once you get to college.

That sounds like so much fun, I’m deffinatly going to try 90mm cranks :smiley: