finally i have seen the universe 2 promo

I know every one else has seen the universe 2 trailer but I only saw it today as my p.c is having trouble with quicktime. Today I finally blaged a p.c at school and the video was loaded in a few mins!I know every one is blown away but the amazing Unicycling I was to but the main reason I like the universe videos,is because it a few guy’s just riding and having fun on one wheel.
I like making videos but find watching my self boring really,because I can do the trick as it’s me doing it I am not so blown away.what do you think when you are watching your self?

I just find the amount of editing usually put into a video takes the fun out of it, Depends what im doing, i like watching myself backflip but would rather it be someone else doing it.

Thin, You will find its more than a few riders in the video. Even im on the preview lol


What trick are you doing on the video, and maybe an aproximate time you’re around, it’ll be interesting to see whatchur doing?

Forget the promo. Order the real thing. It has already begun shipping. Mine should be… somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by now.