finally i have made the final uni trailer

a few people saw my unicycle trailer in the reviews section but i have finally finished and developed the picture of my final design.what do you think?(the pic was taken while making it has the panling on the sides as well)

where can i find the trailer :thinking:


forgot the picture:p

finunitrailer.gif (553 KB)

Thats nice, i will need one. Because in the summer i will travel to the EJC in carvin. thats 300 km from my house. Thats around 180 miles. We just have to carry our clothes. We will sleep in youth hostels and our tent and juggling equipment ( and ofcourse my other unicycles:p ) will go wit a car.


yes i have close ups before you ask no i am not sending them out yes you can lean back/forth turn ect.just some of the questions asked last time.and i tried a one wheeler but i did not does not affect you riding much only a little pushing and pulling but once your going it great!!

what is the heaviest weight you can pull on it please?

I have seen Roger Davies riding with a child on a tag along bike but it looked like he would run out of stamina fairly quickly.


Wow, that looks great! It looks like you did a nice job. I sure would love to see a closeup of your seat attachment… :smiley:

the image will not download in my browser, is there any other format u can put it in? or perhaps if it makes its way to a gallery eventually that would work too

Does this work?


yes it did, thanks

it looks like it might get in the way of hard sharp turns (to be redundant) or tip over in such a situation. Have you tried this out?

is catboy joe in diguise? joe does enjoy dirt…

Don’t they call that a tricycle?

How does it handle heavy loads and hills?

even though i have had the thing since the summer i have not gone on a long ride with any weight i have a few days off this week as the heating is messed up at school and it’s to cool to legally have people in school! so i may go on a ride with it