Finally, I have a cop story

Last week, I was heading down a winding road in the mist of a wintery day reminissing about my MUni ride just earlier. As I am driving down the winding road, I spy a Sheriff’s 4 x 4 coming up the road. As I drive by, I notice in my rear view mirror, that he has turned around.

Oh, nuts, I search for my radar detector. Dang, I never mounted it as I always stow it under the seat when I park for a ride. Forgot - ugghhh

Was I going too fast, did he “zap” me? I calm myself by telling myself, that it’s just a coincidence that he turned around. Must have gotten a call.

Then, I realize, I am not sure of the speed limit. How much is the limit on this road I wonder? I have only driven it three times earlier in the past 8 months. Is it 30 or 35, I slow to a crawling 30.

Okay, so I get to the main road just about two minutes below. Still waiting for the lights to come on, or maybe he will go the other way. It’s a T- bone intersection.

I come to a complete stop. He continues to follow me.

Nuts, what’s the darn speed limit on the main road? It winds, and I usually do 45 on the gently winding road. Theres one of those big dips in the road where if you hit it at 60 you feel the G - forces. But, I didn’t do that, then.

We drive “together” - Is he following ME or is he waiting for a pullout, as there wern’t any.

Sure enough. Up comes a shoulder and I see the lights go on. Okay, what do do? I haven’t been pulled over in a car before, only on my motorcycle 20 years ago. I open the right side window, remotely. Thinking that they always come up on the right side for their own safety. I gaze at the deputy. I say, " Hi". The deputy smiles and says, " Look at my partner", and points to the driverside window. uhhh, okay, I thought. It was almost comical. I turn, and there is the other Deputy standing there, smilling hands on hips.

I say, “Hi”, again. Ohhh, here it comes. I was speeding.


He says, just like in the movies, " Sir, did you know your headlight was out?"

I have the abbidabs, I speak too honestly, and give him this story about noticing it two days ago and smacking my hand against it to get it to go back on. This really did work. I think, or crap, he is going to give me one of those “fix it” tickets. Like I want to spend my time driving down to the Sherrif’s substation after I replace the bulb.

I had a new bulb in my car as a spare.

And, like in the movies, he asks me for my ID. I reach into my backback and pull out my drivers license with some money wrapped around it. Ohhh, does he think I want to pay him off. Nahhhh, that was silly.
They were ones anyway.

I hand him my license AND my renewal that I had obtained, YES, just yesterday. I was jubilant inside. “Neeener Neeener Neeener, you can’t catch me, hehehehehe”.
I wondered if my smile was just too happy looking. I had been two weeks overdue on my renewal and had rushed into DMV just the prior day to get the renewal.

Anyway, the smiling officer on my side notices my 661s on my knees. I often forget to take them off when I finish riding. I tell him that I mountain unicycle. He says, "What?, no way?

Suddenly, I hear the other deputy on the other side, go " Hey, can I see it? There is excitement in his voice.

I am dumbstruck.
I say, " Yeah, sure, just open the rear back door."

I hear him open the back door, then the kicker, I hear, " OHHHH, S–T! he blurts out. …what? Of all the responses, I never ever imagined that one.

In hindsight, I should have asked him if he wanted to try it.

I really wanted to bust up.

They let me go.

Note to self: Carry unicycle in car at all times. Cops dig unicycles. :smiley:

Bit off-topic but similar story

That reminds me of a similar experience I had a few years ago (no unicycles involved though).
A police motorcycle pulled out behind me as I was driving home. Every time I came to a junction he turned the same way and followed me. This carried on all the way home until I pulled onto my drive. He pulled up next to me. Oh dear - what have I done? Turned out he’d seen the car a few times and wanted to have a look at it (used to have one back in the '60s etc…)
That was the most law-abiding few miles I’ve driven since my driving test :slight_smile:


Thanks for a well written story, teachndad!

A cop gave me a warning for speeding because he thought my unicycle was cool.

Unicycles = easy ticket dismissal.

reminds me of one guy I know, who is a speed rubiks cuber like myself, and he got off with a warning because the cop thought it was neat that he could solve the cube in 30 seconds (:

That was a nice read, with a happy ending.
The perfect story.


So does the Canadian-US border patrol.

good story teachdad.

Yeah cops do dig unicycles because the london unicycle club will be meeting at the police gym… cuz it is too snowy and wet out side now…

once a cop really hassled me with this big “flashlight in your eyes, sit down and shut up” type lecture. my unicycle was on the ground and after he was done yelling he looked at it and asked me, as if we were good buddies, if he could see me ride. i just got on and rode the hell outta there.

Among my many experience with cops, my favorite was when I was ‘pulled over’ while unicycling in Lower Manhattan. The officer wanted to know where to to order the kind of uni I was riding (it was my Coker). He actually put on his lights and made the car do that squelch noise to get my attention. I guess I’ve become so inured to this sort of thing that my heart didn’t even race – I just figured it was probably a cop who wanted to join the club or something, and I was pretty close.

That was a great story, teachndad! Thanks for sharing.

In about 1991 I had a home-made recumbent bicycle. I fitted it with numerous front and rear lights and plenty of reflective tape, aware that it was more likely to be subject to scrutiny than a conventional machine.

I was riding home one night in the dark when a police car pulled me over. 2 coppers wanting to ask silly questions about the unusual machine I was riding. I thought it was an abuse of their authority but was too wise to say so.

When they got back in the car and drove off, I found I had a puncture. Presumably I’d found some broken glass or thorns at the edge of the road when I’d pulled over. The tyre had gone down during the “interview”. Fortunately I was only 5 minutes from home.

They also like Star Wars bumper stickers… I had a homemade sticker that said “Jedi” with a lightsaber under it on my old car, and going into the states the customs guy saw it when he went to check my trunk. Then he asked if I was a Jedi. I said yes. He said he always wanted to be one so he could have a lightsaber, and wanted to know how he could become one. I said it was something one was born with. He handed back my id and I waved my hand and said “You don’t need to see my identification.” I could see him doubled over in laughter in my rear view mirror as I drove off :smiley:

As for unicycle related stories, the only one I have is for when campus security pulled me over for unicycling in the snow. Complete with lights and sirens. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen/heard of. In all fairness, I sucked at the time and was falling every 10 feet (they hadn’t plowed the entire x-mas break) and I had no padding/helmet. Now they tend to ignore me, 'cause I’m outfitted with 661’s, a helmet, and much more l337 :wink:

oh yeah just the other day me and a friend where in a parking lot busting sick tricks on our unicycles then we noticed that in the parking lot beside us there was a cop just watching us… i think it liked what he saw

aww now i feel bad i dont have a cool cop story yet…but i will guys …you just wait and see!