Finally I can idle and bunny hop

I’m soo excited, since early summer I’ve been trying to idle and hop.

Practicing, practice, falling.

The combining of learning to hop and idle built my confidence to idle.

So far I can only idle and hop on my 20", can’t yet do it on 29".

Need stronger leg muscles or something…

Woo - hoo, I’m one happy duck.


are you doing your hops rolling or static?

hops static only

Day one, more to come.

Congrats! One more old fart to join our ranks! :sunglasses:

Well done.


I’ve been working on hops and idling as well, but although I can hop up a curb static and rolling, my idling is getting nowhere fast.
ah well, I’ll just keep trying.

Good on ya,

Many, many thank you’s

I was out today on my 29". Only rode 15km today.

Practiced riding forward, brake, then hop, hop, hop with no UPD.

I can bunny hop on it too. No height to speak of (maybe an inch)

But, can do 20 - 50 hops no sweat.

Forget about idleing on 29", maybe later.

Try thrusing forwards/ backwards more

WooHooo, congrats on the idle and bunny hop legtod2. :smiley:

Keep up the good work my friend and keep us posted, yes. :smiley:

Congradulations dude! That’s great. I’ve been working on idling and hopping too. The big difference is you have done it and I’m still eating asphalt.


Don’t worry joe, nothing is easy at 1st. Just have patience and alot of perseverance and know that you will conquer the unicycle and believe that someday, you will be better then you are because of it. Like i know you will. :smiley:

Does this make sense by the way??? :smiley: