Finally, I can freemount!

I finally am able to free mount my uni! It just happened very suddenly and I was
amazed at how easy it really is. Here is the not very exciting story:

Last week I spent more and more time practicing on my unicycle and even roped a
few of my friends into trying. We had been working at it for several hours and
made total fools of our selves to the bystanders. I rode a good distance away
from the rest of the group and tried to turn around to rejoin them when I feel.

I picked up the unicycle and looked at my friends. No one would come help me, so
I tried freemounting, just to do it. Amazingly, it worked! I rode to them and
gracefully dismounted, as if I had intended it to work like that.

Consistency is not my strong point – I can’t do it every time. I’m still
working, though! We all have big bruises from riding so much…

To round of the evening, I rode the unicycle up the stair well in my dorm
to impress everyone. Not really riding, I guess, but more
hold-the-cycle-with-my-thighs and pull myself with the handrails. Anyway,
it worked.


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