Finally got the stickers off my uni! (and a couple questions)

Ok, I finally got enough courage to peel the “” stickers off my uni and it looks pretty good. There was a tiny bit of glue residue at the bottom, but it came off in a jiffy with a little dap of Goo Gone. Ok, for the question, how do you get the little golden thing off the front of the uni? (see pic below) I’m kind of afraid to rip it off because it might leave a bunch of residue or something. Does anybody have some experience with doing this? Second question: I’m thinking about powdercoating my uni, and I want to know how much it costs and what color you think I should have put on. Also, where would I get it powdercoated? Thanks!


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that really wasn’t a very productive post.

Tyler, is the golden thing just a normal sticker? or is it like made of metal? if it is just a sticker, I think you can take it off pretty easily and not leave much residue.
as for powdercoating the uni, you should do a search on these here forums for info on it. and if it were me, I’d do it GREEN! because green is a sweet color.

No, I think it sticks on like a super-strong sticker, but it’s made of plastic.

I’m getting to the point where I get pissed off just from seeing your face.

im glad were on the same page

Comeon tyler how come u would be even thinking about taking off the gold thing that is so cool.

Yeah really.THats the kinf of thing i would stick ON my uni.

I did pull the stickers off the sides…But im gonna put more on…

Powder coat it purple.

The old Miyatas had stickers that were almost impossible to kill. The two stickers on the fork legs were fine, normal stickers. But the “head” sticker had a glittery background. The glitter was mixed with the glue. You could peel the front of the sticker pretty easily, but that glue was a royal PITA to get off. And that’s on chrome.

On a painted frame, it might not be worth it, unless you’re planning on a new finish anyway. Then just get medieval on it.

Normally I don’t take the stickers off my unicycles, but outside fork stickers always get trashed (unless you don’t ride it), and a head tube sticker, depending on the design, can get destroyed by your feet in one-foot skills.

Tyler, Clever GIF! :sunglasses:

Tyler, here’s a thread about that very same gold sticker. Good luck!

It is a pity you feel you have to totally scrub out the type of unicycle you own. I go to great effort to make the unicycles the best available. They are not a generic unicycle branded up by a retailer; they are designed and specified by us with considerable years of experience. Then after all my effort you are not proud of what I have done. :frowning:
You could have saved yourself a whole pile of money and bought a Wallmart pile of junk. It wouldn’t have lasted anytime at all, but there you go…
By the way the frame is already powder coated.

Roger (in a grumpy mood) :slight_smile:

It’s not plastic, it is metal.


I’ve just got one of the Nimbus 2005 trials uni’s and I think the stickers are great.

I think I would be more disappointed if I had got it and there were no stickers on it than having a couple on the forks and the frame. I also like the embroidery on the seat and think it is a good thing to show where the uni came from.

I have to say though I did think that branding a spanner to go in with the uni was possibly going a bit too far but it does look quite cool.

i’d peel of the stickers if i wanted a cleaner look, or like tyler, wanted a new paint job. or i’d peel off the ugly multicolor logo for because i don’t like it. But then again i ride a GB4 and it has no logos on it atm. my new trials i’m getting from george will likely have the smallish GB4 stickers near the bottom of the fork legs and that’ll be it.

tyler: to get off a metal thing like that you’ll need a screw driver. big flat head, ust pry like crazy. try not to damage the frame though. you could also try heating up the logo with a hair dryer on high for a long time or better yet use a heat gun.

Sorry about disappointing you Roger, I do love and am proud to own one of your unicycles. I just don’t like a cluttered up unicycle. Oh yea, you obviously know a bunch about the unicycles you make, so I was wondering, my Nimbus X rim or tire or something is sort of wobbly (the tread wiggles about 3 millimeters every rotation) and I was wondering if this is normal or if I should get it straitened? Second, how does the Nimbus X compare to a Yuni freestyle, Nimbus II, and other “Expert Category” unicycles? Finally, do you think dust caps are good to have or should I live without them? My dumb LBS threw away my bent cranks and left the dust caps on them!!! How dumb…



I have had a love affair with every unicycle / part shipped to me; all of them have been from your fine company. I, too, have removed the stickers from my unicycles, although I have placed a white on black sticker on my truck (thanks for the “extras” in the shipment!).

The stickers removed from my unis were of the “rainbow” on white variety, and honestly, these stickers do not appeal to me at all. Had they been a bit less “circus” and a bit more “street”, the stickers may have remained on my frames. I have nothing against the font, but the rainbow-like color scheme screams “clown” and that’s the last thing I want to see on my uni.

I realize that marketing and advertising are important for every company, but I was a bit appalled that such a nice shiny frame was hidden behind three large stickers! Perhaps a clear background, or a smaller sticker would stand a better chance of staying on your frames. The small emblem I see on tyler’s unicycle is rather classy IMHO, and I’d be proud to be sporting one of these… I guess it’s time to buy another uni just for the new emblem :slight_smile:

That’s my two and a half cents… half sense… half wit… er, opinion.

That is nice to know, thanks. We are reviewing the logo’s etc. on the unicycles but this does take time.

This is odd, should not happend, it sounds to me like the tyre is not seated properly. I would deflate the it fully, check underneath it to check the rim tape has not moved then re inflate checking that the tyre inflates properly. That should work I think.

The Nimbus X has the same wheel set as the Nimbus II which consists of a 48 hole double wall eyeletted rim, stainless steel spokes and all fitted on a 48 hole wide flange hub. This basically makes the stongest and most rigid wheel set out there. They come with 114mm billet aluminium cranks, which again are some of the best cranks out there… it has an aluminium seat post and KH saddle. Most of this is the same as the Nimbus II but the main difference is the frame that some people perfer, some do not.

I would recommend keeping them in to keep the thread good so that you can get the cranks off. There are some really nice ones that John sells which are branded as specialised… I can not find them in this cart and I don’t have a picture of them on our site. They are superb, they don’t come out and keep the thread in good condition.

Hope this helps.


Roger (less grumpy today)

I took the stickers off my Torker LX, and replaced them with some flame stickers I made at my old high school. Nothing against Torker, I just like it better that way. I think removing the stickers looks good, and clean. I would equate it to car people who take all the badges off their cars, especially the trunk lid.

Those are neat flame stickers! How did you make them? Bash me if there is some way to tell, but is that an LX or DX?