Finally got some pics of my Trials Uni!!!

I got these pics on Saturday on my ride with Borgshuls(sor something like that) and Dumpweed. We just rode around for a few hours it was fun!

Any ways i got some shots of my Trials rig so i thought Id share

Frame-Norco 20"
Hub/Cranks- KH '03 140s
Rim- Alex DX32
Pedals- Kona JS
Saddle- Miyata CF with Fusion cover
Tire- Luna

Here she is!!!


P.S. The last pic is of the three unis from Saturday

uni.bmp (428 KB)

wheel.bmp (741 KB)

3 uni.bmp (734 KB)

thats sweet, you’ve talked about getting pics for a while now;) you should get a shot of your muni as well. what did you do with your bedford frame?

I think he ate it lol:D

Nice job. I have one of those 20" frames kicking around that I haven’t used for anything because it’s not flat crown. Guess it wouldn’t matter for trials though. You have to get a Scott Wallis death grip for your Miyata, they kick ass. GB4 stiffener works like a charm as well.

My seat tube is like 10’ high…

I bet you he did, as long as it was sitting on the shelf for an hour after he cooked it up.

It’s so hard to get a picture of someone doing a rolling hop.

you have to jump high, and set the camera on sequence if possible

and video helps … all of the time

Video doesn’t help to get a pic of a rolling hop. Then it looks all crappy.

Your uni is very colorful.


since it is almost not quite on subject… which one is the best in your opinions?

The orange one, even though it has nothing to do at all with pictures of his trials uni :roll_eyes:

they are pictures!
no more off topicposts by me

Ok, go buy me a camera that has burst shot.

Orange. Would you get even more height if you were to bend your knees and tuck way in at the high point? (3rd in the sequence)

yeah, but thats going for pure distance… the gap that the actual video is over is something like 9.5 feet across

The one i just bought has burst shot:)

didnt u fall on that shot, oh i cant remember u werent on ur uni much that night lol

No that was Dan who didnt even ride that night…Hes such a poser:)

I don’t often use the word ugly to describe a unicycle, except for my own, but this is coming fairly close. :smiley:

Ok, Trials_Uni, you can’t even hop up a wide stairset.

So …Who needs to side hop for trials???

I do I do, you should know how to how every witch way plus with ur pedals in every position, and yes that includes the 69 position!!