Finally got my Coker equipped

I got a cheep walmart speedometer - about $9.
A cool red Magura brake to compliment the color scheme.
The brake is awesome. It takes such a little bit of travel to engage it allowing it to be in really close proximity to the GB4.
And a slim water bottle.
In a UPD nothing hits the ground.
Ain’t she purdy?


It looks like you have the GB handle and a Fusion seat. Are you using a stiffner, or is that a carbon base?

Is it awkward to pull the brake with the handle bars in the way? I’ve never tries a brake before, so i have no idea what it is like.

I used a Viscount base for stiffness.
The brake is so responsive that with my pinky and its neighbor I can easily and comfortably apply the brake.

For how slow you go, i dont think you need a brake. laughs:smiley:

Looks great!

So… a Viscount seat base with air saddle innards and a Fusion cover… is that right?


Nice! Looks good. I like the way you have the brake mounted and the skinny water bottle. Looks like a good setup.

pdc - Looks nice. Like the color scheme.

Thanks to your initial post on doing a Viscount air saddle, I too made one. did it a little different with the cutting of the foam, but still used the Fusion cover. Also used the GB4 handlebar. The solid plate on the base of the Viscount works well for a strong handlebar mount.

I like it, but may modify the seat a little more to allow more air and less cushion. I’ll be posting a thread sometime soon with a few pics and description of my saddle mods.

Haven’t put on the brake yet, will probably do something similar to yours. Nice work.


Wow, i want a coker really badly, thats beautiful…


how do you know how fast he goes? :thinking: or are you just being an ass?

Please do. I am also going to rebuild my Viscount to an air saddle and every input is valuable.

Whoo! pretty coker. I like the black frame and the red flames.

I’ve got a KH seat on mine… v. comfy and less hassle than an airseat. Could do with a handle like that so i can see my speedo tho. Will it attach to KH saddle, or will that be too flimsy? (big handles like that seem always to be on metal or CF bases)

As for this

I dont use a brake at all. I ride 110mm cranks and still manage down fairly steep hills ok. I can nip about on it and still have plenty of control. Pah, brakes are for whimps!

George Barnes is working on making a stiffener plate for the KH saddle. He already has made a stiffener plate for the Miyata saddle. I suspect the KH stiffener plate will be similar. The Miyata stiffener plate has holes up front to fit a variety of handles, including the GB4 handle, Reeder handle, Kinport handle and Miyata handle. So if he does a similar design for the KH stiffener plate you’ll be able to mount a GB4 handle on the KH saddle and it’ll have no flex. The downside is the weight of the metal stiffener compared to the carbon fiber seat base.

John pretty much nailed it. I’ve requested the prototypes to be a slightly thinner material than the Miyata stiffeners. Between this, and a few weight saving holes, the weight isn’t too bad. I think it’s around 0.3 lbs.

Obviously a CF base is lighter, and it should be for an $80 upgrade (versus ~$10).