Finally got a uni!!

Well, after a LONG time I finally got around to buying one. It’s a cheap sun and I’ve had it since yesterday and had the seat post cut once, but it needs to be cut again. Shouldn’t the uni be able to stand with the seat on your crotch and you should be able to put your foot in the 4 O’clock position and have it be fully extended? The seat goes a bit above my crotch. Plus, the seat does twist. I just saw a post on this and may try something, but it’s not that big of a deal…


Glad to hear you chose the way of the uni. The seat hight should be roughly: so when you are sitting on it with the pedals at 12 and 6 o’clock, the 6 o’clock leg is almost full extended. Good luck.


If the seatpost clamp is of the quick release type, try twisting the knob when its loose, that will make it clamp tighter when you close it. AgentQ nailed the question on seatpost height.

Thanks! The Sun I have has no handle. Is there anyway I can get/make one?

you should come to my clinic next year.

THe seat keeps coming out from under me. Where I’m learning I have to crouch down to reach the fence. I’m putting my weight on the seat, but how do I keep it from coming out from under me?

I suggest you find a different area so you don’t have to crouch. It really helps if you can keep a straight back. If necessary use your girage door (if you have one) or the side of your house (or any building) as a support. The only way I can think that you will be able to get a handle on your uni is by buying a new saddle.

I’m confused. How can the seat come out from under you if you’re putting your weight on it? Do you mean the whole unicycle is either going so far forward or backward that you’re falling off?

Thanks and yeah. I rode in a different spot today and my riding has greatly improved with the new spot. Also, yes, the entire uni was coming out from under me. Might be from leaning too far forward or backward?

well which one was it? was the uni coming out in the front? if so, lean forward more. If it is coming out in the back, lean backwards some.

Sorry, it was happening both ways, but I’ve got it…thanks.

this thread was really helpful but I’d like to hear any other methods anyone has for preventing me from breaking my neck. i tried and I just couldn’t do it. but the thing looks SOOOo cool that I want to try again, despite my sorry experience - -Fishfool @ The Reef Tank