Finally getting some distance

Since taking my MUni to the mtb festival last weekend and spending quite a bit of time in the saddle (with S-Wallis and Unibabyguy), I finally got a chance to ride again yesterday. After work, I took my Yuni MUni to the local 1 mile track I usually practice on and decided to go for some mileage. I dropped the seat about 10 mm, aired the Gazz at 18 psi and jumped on. I managed to do 3 consecutive 11-12 minute miles with only about a dozen dismounts. I know this isn’t blazingly fast, but it wasn’t very long ago that I was doing an 18-20 minute mile and counting peddle strokes. I guess it’s time to start working on a few skills, such as idling and stand stills. Thanks for listening as I babble on!!

it’s always nice to have ways to measure your improvements
when u break the 4minute mile, be sure to let us know


i’m still counting throws while juggling three clubs, idling on the raffie
that’s my main focus at the moment
i recently ‘saw’ the picture of my legs being responsible for stability while my arms operate independantly to keep the juggle pattern going
being able to have the two sets of extremities operate at different tempos has been a major breakthru

welcome to the never-ending learning curve…

In the words of the song, ‘Congratulations!’

You have crossed an important threshold in your unicycling career. You have gone from seeing how far you can ride (i.e. learning to ride) to seeing how well you can ride. Whether you try for a faster lap, or a harder route is up to you. The point is, you’re no longer learning to unicycle, you’re learning to unicycle better. And there is no limit to how far you can take it.

A year ago, I was capable of riding half a mile or so on my 20, and freemounting most of the time. I bought the 26 MUni, and it was a challenge to ride a complete lap of one of two local lake. Last week, I did four consecutive laps of both lakes on the Coker, against the clock, and did 11.11 miles in an hour without a single UPD. It’s rewarding to look back, and challenging to look forwards.

Keep it up, keep improving, keep enjoying!:slight_smile:

My learning curve is still quite large, being as I’ve only been riding a little over 2 months. You just opened my eyes to a cool area I can ride that’s less than 1 mile from home. It is a park with a small lake in it. The road around the lake has quite a few rolling hills and is a little over a mile long. I guess that will be my next training loop!!!

Mike, I followed your lead and rode a couple of laps around the lake yesterday, nothing beats a little variety!! Today, I returned to the lake and put in 3 laps (1 1/4 miles per lap) with only one UPD with lap times varying from 10 to 12 minutes per lap!!!
Thanks for mentioning your ride around the lake and helping me put by brain into gear!!!

Good job Kenny! You’re getting there, that’s a good ways without a UPD.