Finally found some UK grind pedals!

BTW, If u’re just looking for the info, and not the anecdote, its in the second paragraph :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a pair of flat bottomed grinding pedals ever since a m8 bought back Universe 2 from BJC and I saw someone using a pair to slide rails and crankland boxes. I’ve been able to crankland my onza 24" for a while now, but its always been a problem to find anything landable cos the stock pedals chew up wood and chip off stone, ruining the furniture. I’ve had to practice on a massive total of 2 different items, a metal bench in the local skatepark, and a concrete wall nearby. This has of course limited my abilities, and when I saw that a flat bottomed pedal was available I went into my local bikeshop at the first opportunity…
“Have you got any flat bottomed pedals?”
“Never heard of them!”
And this was the stock response. In 5 different bike shops, even one that sold a 20" Nimbus Training Uni (£85!) , No one had heard of a flat bottomed bike pedal. I began to despair of the mythical grinding pedals. People told me, they said “Why?, what would they be for on a normal bike?” And i had to agree, from a 2 wheeled perspective they were a bit pointless.

I had almost given up the search, until earlier today, when after a frantic weekend searching countless bike websites I found them. A pair of Gusset Full Throttles, black, £30 for
“Rejoice” was heard in the streets, as I went for a ceremonious ride through my village “celebrate the day”, and so on…
So I bought them, on the spot, as well as a 20" Onza Trials (Which I was getting anyway) So now I am fully kitted out, for a new life of slides, hops and rails. All I need now is some wax…

ive been riding them for a while mate… theyre good cos they keep your pedals flat…until the bearings go that is… then they go all poo… and the bearings go quite quickly. the grind plates are nice, and people go… wow youve got grind pedals, but realisticaly you dont need them cos you grind on crank anyway…
wot you want really is to find another pair of pedals that the plates fit to (the screw into the reflector mount) but so far i havent found any…

nice, bit expensive for a crappy pair of pedals though.

ive got a decent set of pedals that have a similar body but decent bearings.
so i might get a set, but i’m not keen on metal pedals anymore. they hurt too much and the extra weight isn’t good if you fly regularly.

i’ve been using plastic pedals (oddyessy twisted pc) on my trials unicycle for a while, and there nice and slidy to grind on, don’t hurt your shins too bad and they are pretty cheap.
the only problem it that the pedals are getting ground away to nothing pretty quickly. on the plus though they make it possible to grind all kinds on crappy surfaces that you cant do on metal pedals with pins.

actually you want to put a lot of weight on your pedal when you grind (i grind backside your milage may vary if you grind frontside)