Finally a new vid...

Well over the past few months I have been riding along cali with some friends and finally decided to put the clips together into a vid lol. The first clip is kinda an inside joke but sall good.

Finally. That was awesome, I like how you bigspin drops, looks nice.

Thanks man, I used to practice them so much I actually have trouble doing a regualr 360 unispin off something, its easier for me to big spin it :smiley:

Sweet video! :slight_smile:

Same… Probably because when I go to bigspin I do a small turn and its more like im doing a 360 just on the side. Stops the cranks from spinning I spose.

I really cannot at all do anything like a unispin down a drop facing forwards.

That was fun to watch. Nice gliding and cool “up” at 1:22.

Lol I had to go back and see which part you were talking about lol thanks, I did it first try then when we got the camera out it took a good 20 lmao! I have a lot more gliding shots but everyone knows what it looks like to glide down a parking garage st so I thought Lombard was good enough lol

Cool vid. I’m surprised how high you keep your seat. I liked how you incorperated unispins into trials lines.

It was weird because for some reason yesterday i all of a sudden realized that you hadn’t had a new video for a long time, then I come on today and you have one posted…

LMAO wierd mang! I am actually now trying a lower saddle, 360 unispins up objects are easier, but crankflips are harder for me, its odd…

i commented on youtube but in here is cooler! wow that was a nice video man! and the second song is a very nice choice of song! nice work.

Your style is so awesome! :smiley: You take advantage of everything around which results in awesome trial lines and combos, I wish more people would do that. Great vid!

sick vid. nice bigspins off the sets and what not.

Nice video. btw who’s car was that that you jumped on?

very nice riding. I wouldn’t exactly put the two songs together if I had a large list but I was so focused on the amazing riding.

johnny b. goode
been waiting to see that in a video somewhere
glad it was a uni one.
good video also

lol I have been wanting to see Johnny be good in a vid for a LONG time, I was kinda glad noone else had used it, at least to my knowledge, cause tehn I could :smiley:

I dunno just some crummy Festiva in a parking lot…we filmed it and just peaced outta there!!

Jk its my friend Joes car, a cop kicked us off the rail road tracks behind it, and we said well the car is ours and started jumpin on it, he laughed…

wow :astonished: I really likes that vid !!! very good riding…:slight_smile: :wink:


really I love your grinds guy!! :wink:

ah man, that was a great video. such style!

Best looking trials/street fusion riding ive seen so far.

Of course… gota love bigspins (though im more of a full varial guy:p )