Finally a freemount!

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted here in AGES, mostly because I haven’t been riding much. Time, fitness level, my back. . . several things have conspired against me since my wife bought me my unicycle for Christmas back in 2005. But I had a tiny breakthrough today, so I thought I’d stop by and say. . .

I finally freemounted!!

It was a lot of work, and I’ve got the scrapes on my elbow and shin to prove it. But it was worth it. I wrote it up on my blog (which I also haven’t posted to in AGES) if anyone’s interested, the URL’s in my signature.



Nice one:)

Anyone here read the Rick Bissell’s “new” IUF Skill Levels?

heh heh…

Congratulations- keep working, it gets easier eventually!

I’ve been working hard on my freemount too… haven’t gotten it yet.

They are pretty funny


Good job.

I’d wondered what happened to you.

Gild, you were the second person to reply to my first post. To this day, I still remember Harper’s advice, which you echoed, almost every time I get up and moving: keep your weight in the seat!

It may take another couple of years due to my inability to ride regularly, but I’m just as determined as I ever was to be able to ride freely. So I will!


Woohoo! I’m at level three!!:slight_smile:

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! You’ve gotta give for what you take!

What a liberating feeling that is, to be able to freemount, eh?

What a thrill! Too bad you only get to experience it once in your lifetime.

Welcome to the club.

Thanks for sharing!

That’s the spirit.

Well done.

Oh, i remeber well those heady days. :slight_smile:

can I hop over you for level 10?