Finally,a decent ride on my 28'r

I’ve had my 28" for about 3 weeks now and never got a chance to “really” ride it until this evening. The most distance I’d put on it was maybe 2 miles at a time. It ordered it with 140mm cranks and switching from a 24x3 with 170’s to a 28 with 140’s was just a little too big of a transition for me.
Today after work, I installed a set of 150’s on the 28" and headed out. Even though I’m sure that I sacrificed quite a bit of speed with the 150’s, it sure was a lot easier to ride. I mounted the beast in front of the house and just took off down the road with no set route. I wandered around the neighborhood and rode up to the local jogging path and got in a couple of miles there on the path. I was surprised how relaxed I was on this “road uni” and quickly adapted to it’s totally different feel from that of my Gazz equipped Muni. This thing really picks up speed quickly. I rode a few small hills to see how it climbed and descended and I think I’m really going to learn to like it!!!
After I get a little more comfortable on it, I’ll probably switch back to the 140’s.

Now for a quick review of the uni itself:
It’s just the $100 Sun 28", but the frame seems to have virtually no flex at all.
It does have main caps with sealed bearings and comes stock with steel 150mm cranks ( I had the guys @ swap the cranks to 140’s before they shipped it)
The ‘no name’ saddle is actually quite comfortable (I spent the whole 5+ miles seated with no numbness). The seatpost is slotted so there is some tilt adjustments available.
I’m not too sure how the steel rim is going to hold up in the long run but at this point all the spokes are still tensioned and the wheel is still perfectly true. I think it will probably make a good commuter.


Sounds like tons of fun. Thanks for sharing your ride! --chirokid–

Kenny, I don’t htink there is any keeping up with you. I think I will have a hard time convincing myself to buy another Uni for a while. I am up to 3 in as many months. I did swith out my knobby for a Fireball on my KH24. Seems to do the job just fine for now. I can change the tire in about 7-8 minutes if I need to. I wish I could peddle out of my neighborhood, but if you have ever been to suburban Atlanta, it isn’t easy. If I leave my neighborhood, I end up on a road that is about 24 feet wide with no shoulder, bike trail or sidewalks. I only work 3 miles from home and tried riding my bike once… once. It was scary. I think eventually they may put in sidewalks, but I may be retired by then.

Keeping up??? You’re way ahead of me, I’ve only bought 4 uni’s in the past 5 or 6 months:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: Finally,a decent ride on my 28’r

Same thing here. I’ve had my 28’er for a few months now. Having to
transition from a 24 x 3 with 170 mm cranks, I started out with 150 mm
cranks on the 28". I’m gradually working down, currently at 110 mm.
Every size down is a new struggle to freemount, idle etc. Normal
riding is not so much a problem though. I still have 102 and 89
waiting to try, but that will take some time, and also is not really
serious business. I mean, especially 89 will probably always be
impractically short for a 28". But we’ll see. I keep logs of speeds
and other results and will at some point post about it.

And then I have a fat almost-slick tyre ready to convert the 28’er
into a 29’er. Enough to explore!

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Re: Re: Finally,a decent ride on my 28’r

Thanks for the response. It’s nice to know someone else is going through the 28" learning experience!!!:smiley:

You should see him Trackstand on a ROAD BIKE :astonished: :smiley: